Pan Jun has heard about the past, and is even more grateful to Uncle Pan for his devotion to him, but Uncle Pan said that he has never married or had children in his life, and he has long regarded Pan Jun as his own.

Shi Shiyu likes crabapple flowers the most, and Jin Wuwu also planted crabapple flowers in the yard. Jin Wuwu's current broken leg was injured by Shi Shiyu in the battle of Bamen Mountain. After that, Jin Wuwu lived in seclusion here. Shi Miaomiao wanted to know what kind of person her mother was, and Jin had no intention of telling Shi Miaomiao that her mother was the best woman in the world.

Matsui and Ms. Luo brought people to Fuzhou Mountain, intending to capture all the Zerg people alive. Witnessed by Jin Wuxin and Ouyang Leihuo, Pan Jun and Duan Xiao'e formally succeed the wood and gold gentlemen. Matsui and others besieged Jifangwu, and they touched the gold department's agency as soon as they entered Jifangwu. Jin Wuxin told Pan Jun and others that the bottom of the well in the yard led to the outer mountain, and asked them to leave as soon as possible with the secret treasure. And the bottom of the well hides the secrets of the Zerg race for thousands of years, and the gold family has guarded here for generations, and this is also related to the important things of the Zerg race's treasures, more important than the secret treasures in the hands of each department. Jin Wuwu and Ouyang Leihuo planned to defend against the enemy first, and then join them, the juniors, at the foot of the mountain.

Pan Jun took the lead to go to the bottom of the well, and Jin Wuwu told Shi Miaomiao to let them get out safely and go to Lingcheng to rescue the soil system and retrieve Heluoshi. It is the wish of all the gentlemen of the older generation and Shi Shiyu that the five systems are of one heart and one mind. Sending off the juniors, Jin Wuwu, Ouyang Leihuo, and Pan Pu prepared to fight with weapons and fought with the spirit of fearing death, but they were finally outnumbered. They blew up Jifangwu with their seriously injured bodies, and died together with the enemies who came to besiege.

Boss Jin played the piano, and his subordinates said that young people around Ouyang Leihuo had played the same piece. Boss Jin was very excited after hearing it and decided to go to Fuzhou Mountain to check the situation. Matsui wanted to go to Jifangwu to look for Shi Miaomiao, but Kobayashi didn't want Matsui to pester Shi Miaomiao any longer. Matsui shot Kobayashi directly, but Miss Luo thought that Matsui had been trying to snatch Boss Jin's position, so she shot him. Matsui was killed.

Pan Jun and others found five murals at the bottom of the well, respectively telling the past events recorded in the tenth year of Qin Shihuang, the second year of Yuan Shuo, the fifteenth year of Tang Zhenguan, and the third year of Qing Xuantong. The first three murals have gone through hundreds of thousands of years, and there is no way to verify their authenticity, and they have become legends handed down through the ages, but the fourth one refers to what their parents experienced 24 years ago. It will herald the opening of the Zerg Treasure.

Boss Jin hurried to Jifangwu and learned that Matsui was dead, so he asked Ms. Luo to report the truth to Shangfeng. Boss Jin learned that only three old Zerg seniors were killed in the bombing, and also knew that the Jin Department is best at traps, and Pan Jun and others must escape from the bottom of the well. Ms. Luo and others wanted to use a bomb to blow up the wellhead, but Boss Jin was worried that they would not be able to get the secret treasure, and in order to avoid more casualties, he asked them to give up using the bomb.

Pan Jun and others found a suspected dead woman lying on the boat in the last mural, and they couldn't guess what the meaning was. At this time, they heard the sound of explosives above, and they all concentrated their energy on finding the exit. Finally, under the leadership of Duan Xiaoe, they came out from another hill of Fuzhou Mountain. Pan Jun and others returned to Jifangwu and found that the place had been bombed into ruins. Xiaolin, who had not yet passed away, told Shi Miaomiao with his last breath that Ziwu was taken to Lingcheng by them, and the three seniors had also passed away.

Knowing that all the relatives around him have passed away, Pan Jun told everyone that the five of them and Ziwu will be the closest people in the world in the future.


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