It is rumored that the treasures of the Zerg race began in the pre-Qin period. There are countless gold and silver treasures accumulated by the Zerg race for thousands of years. Therefore, at the end of the Qin Dynasty, the ancestors of the Zerg race divided the Zerg race into six major families in order to avoid being overwhelmed with charcoal.

Today, the warlords are fighting in chaos and the people are in dire straits. Pan Jun, a descendant of the Zerg Mu family, vowed to find the treasure so as to save the people from the fire. For this reason, he took out the emblem of the water family and sold it to everyone, claiming to use it to gather partners.

In the gambling shop, the gambler Qi Laoliu lost most of his wealth, but he took out the water family emblem he bought on his body, thinking that as long as he found the Zerg treasure, the money he got could buy half of Beizhou City. Shi Miaomiao, the descendant of the water system, accidentally learned that someone was counterfeiting the water family emblem, so he approached the Cordyceps Tang early the next morning, and bought the water family emblem from Pan Jun under the pretext of becoming an occupant, and asked him if he was a descendant of the Zerg race and whether he knew the secrets of the Zerg race. At the same time, Shi Miaomiao put the worms on Pan Jun's body, found that he didn't know the Zerg secret technique, turned and left.

Shi Miaomiao recalled the tragic death of her mother when she was a child, and she was very helpless at that time. At this time, news came from his subordinates that other families of the Zerg race were attracted to Northern Zhou after receiving secret letters from the water system. However, the Mu family has not found any clues for the time being.

The housekeeper of the Cordyceps Hall accidentally found a seriously injured person outside the door. Pan Jun rescued this person. As a money fan, he thought that the person might be Wang Yang's thief, but after saving the person, he was annoyed when he found out that the person had no burden on him. good medicine. Xiaoqian in Chunxiang Building was rumored to be suffering from an infectious disease, and the people in Chunxiang Building fled here one after another. Pan Jun came to Chunxiang Building for a visit, and Shi Miaomiao also came here after hearing the news.

Fifteen years ago, all the recruits of the Wanjia Army suffered from pneumonic plague. They were all children of seventeen or eighteen years old, and no one could live past seven days. At this time, everyone suspected that the infectious disease was pneumonic plague, and fled everywhere. Ouyang Yanyun learned that pneumonic plague had occurred in Chunxiang Building, and rushed to find her younger brother. Pan Jun stopped Ouyang Yanyun as a doctor and asked her to help find Sister Hua at the Cordyceps Hall, and asked Sister Hua to bring the anti-epidemic and disinfection herbs. Come.

Then Pan Jun took precautions and went upstairs to the room to diagnose and treat Ouyang Yanying. Soon after, Dr. Smith also came here. He questioned Pan Jun's medical skills, which made Pan Jun very unconvinced. Dr. Smith took the patient to the hospital for a blood test. He believed that this infectious disease was more terrifying than the general pneumonic plague, and more like a synthetic pathogen. Ouyang Yanyun was worried about his younger brother's comfort. Pan Jun said that he had given Ouyang Yanying the medicine left by his father to treat pneumonic plague, and the problem should not be serious. But Pan Jun's epidemic prevention and disinfection measures made these Western doctors despise, and Pan Jun left in anger.

Because Pan Jun rescued Ouyang Yanying, Ouyang Yanyun believed in his medical skills and was willing to help him save others. The housekeeper guessed that Ouyang Yanyun is the descendant of Basong's Ouyang fire family. The fire family is currently the only family with good fortune. The housekeeper doesn't understand why Ouyang Yanyun came to the Northern Zhou Dynasty.

Sister and brother Ouyang Yanyun learned of the secret letter of the water system and informed the five clans, and then followed the second grandfather to Beizhou secretly. At this time, her whereabouts were also discovered by the second grandfather. Ouyang Yanyun believes that the five clans will reunite in the Northern Zhou Dynasty, and the treasure will be opened in three months, and the forces of all parties are ready to move, and her father once said that the day the treasure is opened is the day when the parents return. When Ouyang Yanyun brought her younger brother and Xiaojiu into the city, she accidentally discovered that two Dongyang people were holding an injured person hostage. Ouyang Yanying went to save the person. Later, when she heard the news, her younger brother had already contracted the plague.

The injured person brought by the housekeeper did not wake up for a long time. After careful inspection, Pan Jun believed that he was also infected with pneumonic plague. When Shi Miaomiao learned that Ouyang Leihuo, the elder of the fire department, had come to Bei Zhou, and learned from his subordinates that his poisonous insects had not affected Pan Jun, he asked his subordinates to keep an eye on Pan Jun.

More and more people on the street are suffering from pneumonic plague. Fang Rude brought officers and soldiers to the street to catch suspected cases and sent them to Beizhou Hospital for isolation. He was also arrested in the isolation area of the hospital on the grounds that he had contact with pneumonic plague patients.


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