Yu Jiaen learned from Li Nianhuan's mother that Xu Yao owed more than 1.2 million yuan in debt. She didn't know what to do. When Xu Yao left, she became everyone's joke. No one could understand her pain. Xu Yao It's always like this, he likes to make decisions for others, and he is immersed in self-movement, Yu Jiaen will not forgive him or be grateful to him because of this. Yu Jiaen knew that Li Nianhuan had been hiding it from her, so she was also a little angry. It seemed that Li Nianhuan was still on Xu Yao's side in her heart. Li Nianhuan was also very wronged. She wanted to tell Yu Jiaen, but her mother refused. She felt that Yu Jiaen was the only one who hated Xu Yao. , to start a new life.

Xu Yao and the others were looking for clothes in the old clothes recycling warehouse. The situation was quite optimistic. They found clothes that could be replaced, but some of them needed to be modified overnight. Su Yi couldn't contact her designer friend. She thought that Yu Jiaen was a student I came from a design background, so I hope Xu Yao can contact me, I hope Yu Jiaen can come to help, otherwise the tailor aunt in the company will definitely not be able to get out, Xu Yao contacted Yu Jiaen, Yu Jiaen did not answer the phone in anger, Hao Chenshi contacted Zhang Qing , Xu Yao decided to try again with Su Yi's suggestion, he asked Li Nianhuan if Yu Jiaen was asleep. After Yu Jiaen learned of the situation, he went to the old clothes recycling station with Zhang Qing and Li Nianhuan. Xu Yao was very happy to see Yu Jiaen coming, and Hao Chenshi was also very happy to see Zhang Qing.

Thanks to everyone's efforts, the work was finally completed after Tailiang, and the crew was able to deliver the goods on time. Everyone was very happy. Everyone sang and danced together. The atmosphere between Yu Jiaen and Xu Yao was also a little strange. Xu Yao's company has overcome the difficulties.

Li Nianhuan has been rejecting Zhao Ang's invitation these days, her belly is getting more and more pregnant, so she doesn't want to meet Xu Yao anymore, Yu Jiaen also encountered problems, her client Zhao Xiu blocked her, she panicked I went to ask Zhang Qing for help. Finally, on the weekend, Zhang Qing was able to sleep in for a while but was woken up by Yu Jiaen. Zhang Qing is very good at handling such things, she immediately contacted Zhao Xiu, apologized to the other party regardless of the actual situation, and quickly resolved the matter. Zhang Qing told Yu Jiaen that Zhao Xiu had complained her to Lu Zijie. Zhao Xiu said that Yu Jiaen rolled her eyes at her during the meeting. Yu Jiaen was very wronged and she dared not do so. Later she remembered that she might have looked up at the projector At that time, he was misunderstood by Zhao Xiu.

Zhang Qing knew Zhao Xiu very well, but she just didn't like Yu Jiaen's style of doing things, so she deliberately found fault. Zhang Qing reminded Yu Jiaen that she must have a good relationship with Zhao Xiu, and asked her to go to Lu Zijie to withdraw the complaint, otherwise she would leave the job as soon as possible. Yu Jiaen learned from Zhang Qing that Zhao Xiu and her friend opened a beauty salon together, so she decided to go to the beauty salon to visit Zhao Xiu. Zhang Qing was very pleased that Yu Jiaen finally got the hang of it.

Yu Jiaen learned from the waiter that Zhao Xiu would come back for a meeting at 3:00 p.m., so she decided to order a bank card. Sure enough, this trick worked. She deliberately said that the phone camera was broken and she could not pay, so she took this opportunity to add Zhao Xiu’s WeChat. Sending the money to her privately and maintaining the customer relationship is a bit costly, but Yu Jiaen spent 10,000 yuan to embrace Zhao Xiu's relationship and stayed in Litian's project team. When Xu Yao and Hao Chen were socializing, Xu Yao couldn't drink because of his health, but the bosses were not very happy. In order to win the cooperation, Xu Yao had to risk his life to accompany him.


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