Influenced by Zhao Ang, Li Nianhuan decided to fulfill her original dream of becoming a writer. When she told Xu Wensong the news, Xu Wensong laughed at her mercilessly, and Li Nianhuan felt that Xu Wensong hated her more and more. She went to the bar to find Zhao Ang, and Zhao Ang had been waiting for her to come because he wanted Li Nianhuan's contact information. Li Nianhuan and Zhao Ang were chatting together, forgetting the time and not paying attention to the phone.

Li Nianhuan's father couldn't get in touch with his daughter, so he contacted Xu Yao to ask Yu Jiaen for help. Yu Jiaen rushed downstairs and ran back to find Li Nianhuan. Yu Jiaen confirmed that Li Nianhuan was not at home. She guessed that Yu Jiaen would go to the bar to find Zhao Ang, so she went to the bar. She and Xu Yao went to the bar at the same time, but they did not find Li Nianhuan. Later they found out that Zhao Ang took Li Nianhuan to the pedestrian street behind . Zhao Ang played and sang in the pedestrian street, someone tipped him money, Li Nianhuan took the money and bought two marshmallows, when the two toasted the marshmallows, Xu Yao and Yu Jiaen ran over, Xu Yao just wanted to say that Li Nianhuan was pregnant, but was Li Nianhuan interrupted, Xu Yao was also anxious, and seeing that Zhao Ang was not a good person, he decided to send Li Nianhuan back to his hometown as soon as possible, but Li Nianhuan didn't want to go back. Yu Jiaen hopes that Xu Yao will stop making decisions for others, and always immerse himself in his own cognition, and then move himself.

Yu Jiaen returned home and asked Li Nianhuan why she didn't want to let Zhao Ang know that she was pregnant. Li Nianhuan was worried that if Zhao Ang knew that she was married and pregnant, she would not open up to herself like she is now, and there would be a gap between them. Yu Jiaen I hope Li Nianhuan can think clearly.

Hao Chenshi wants to pursue Zhang Qing, but he doesn't know that Zhang Qing has a boyfriend, Zhang Qing's attitude is very clear, he must be on the basis of a cooperative relationship, but Hao Chenshi has a thick skin and is very stalking Hit hard. There was a problem with one of Fanxing's projects. They cooperated with a crew to rent clothes for them. As a result, there was a problem with logistics and all the clothes were destroyed. Now they need to find clothes that can replace these clothes. If the shooting is delayed due to their reasons, they will have to pay ten times the compensation to the crew, and the film will start up in three days, and they don't have much time left. They couldn't even afford the five million yuan in compensation. Su Yi had tried his best to coordinate.

Yu Jiaen met a difficult client, and as a result, her way of dealing with the problem was also very immature. She not only offended the client, but was also laughed at by her colleagues. Zhang Qing settled the client in front of Yu Jiaen. Yu Jiaen really admired Zhang Qing's work ability , and also seriously want to learn from her, Zhang Qing is also taking Yu Jiaen step by step, she hopes Yu Jiaen can change her mind, don't just apologize and say that she can't afford to lose, this trick doesn't work for her.

After Li Nianhuan finished writing the lyrics, he went to find Zhao Ang, and the two of them played and sang in the square, attracting a large crowd of onlookers, and some took videos with their mobile phones. Li Nianhuan confirmed Xu Wensong's divorce. Xu Wensong felt that Yu Jiaen was behind the scenes, so he called Yu Jiaen and told about the Xu family's loan of money to Xu Yao's business. He felt that they didn't know how to be grateful. They didn't ask for any interest on their money, and now they actually urged Li Nianhuan to divorce him. It was only then that Yu Jiaen felt that Xu Yao's departure from Chengdu was due to other secrets. In addition, Li Nianhuan's mother said something about Xu Yao's debt repayment, so Yu Jiaen called Li Nianhuan's mother and asked about Xu Yao's borrowing of money back then.


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