Yu Jiaen saw that Xu Yao was touching his ears all the time. She knew Xu Yao very well and knew that he was bragging. He deliberately organized everyone together to act for Mr. Ma, so she took a risky move and deliberately pointed out the conflict points between A and B. Then, the focus will be brought back to the advantages of Fanxing data. The target users of Fanxing and the target users of the Tuya brand have a high degree of overlap. Self-promotion is not boasting. It is good if others say it is good. As the marketing team of Party B, their promotion methods are just starting. As the icing on the cake, only the real advantages of Party A can reassure investors. Sure enough, Yu Jiaen's move played a boosting role, Mr. Ma felt that her words gave him a certain amount of inspiration.

After they left, Xu Yao, Mr. Ma, and Hao Chenshi and Su Yi had a meeting together. The three of them "sieged" Mr. Ma and cooperated with each other to get Mr. Ma to agree to cooperate. Yes, they agreed to cooperate within a few words, and finally Xu Yao made the final decision. From a professional point of view, he told Mr. Ma that they were about to promote Renyi, and the Renyi platform recommended Tuya as the brand. Tuya was the first to enter The women's clothing brand on their platform will be a profit. As Mr. Ma said, the two sides weighed it. At the current stage, of course, Fanxing will get more, but Xu Yao hopes that Mr. Ma will be able to enter the brand in Fanxing from a long-term perspective. Fanxing is also helping the brand to screen target users, and the final users are all target consumers. Mr. Ma was tempted and decided to give Tuya a trial for 6 months.

After seeing off President Ma, Hao Chenshi told Xu Yao that Yu Jiaen was still the same as before, that mouth was not forgiving at all, the tacit understanding of eight years of love was revealed at this moment, Xu Yao knew that Yu Jiaen was helping himself. But Xu Yao knew that Yu Jiaen would definitely be scolded. Sure enough, after returning to the company, Zhang Qing was furious, thinking that Yu Jiaen should not have expressed that way at the meeting. Yu Jiaen explained the reason to her, and then Zhang Qing received a message from Hao Chenshi. Chen Shi thanked Yu Jiaen for his great help, Zhang Qing calmed down, it seemed that Yu Jiaen had made the right bet.

Yu Jiaen told Zhang Qing that she had engraved what she had said in her mind. Don't just look at what happened on the surface, but more about what happened under the table. Doing public relations is the same as being a client. Zhang Qing was very pleased that Yu Jiaen learned quickly, but she reminded Yu Jiaen that when considering Xu Yao or the company, she must have a sense of proportion, otherwise she and Xu Yao's acquaintance and understanding of Xu Yao's advantages will become disadvantages.

When I got home at night, Zhang Qing asked why Yu Jiaen broke up. At the same time, Xu Yao was working overtime at the company, and Hao Chenshi also asked this question. At the beginning, he bought all the suits of the best man, but when the wedding day approached, Xu Yao ran back to Beijing , gave up marriage. The male protagonist understands the same thing differently, so the final result and perception will be biased. After listening to their stories, Hao Chen felt that there was no love between them, and Zhang Qing felt that the love between them had disappeared. That's what love is, it always wears out in constant bickering and lack of communication.

The company has newly installed a claw machine downstairs to relieve the pressure of the employees. Xu Yao remembered that Yu Jiaen liked pandas very much, so he caught a panda. It happened that this scene was seen by Yu Jiaen. The two went upstairs together, Xu Yao followed Yu Jiaen got out of the elevator and wanted to give the panda to her, but saw Zhang Qing sending Su Yi out, Su Yi cut off the little panda doll, Zhang Qing and Yu Jiaen looked at each other without saying anything.

After get off work at night, Xu Yao saw Yu Jiaen helping Lu Zijie catch the doll, and Yu Jiaen used the method Xu Yao had taught her. Xu Yao got jealous and left without a word. In order to express his gratitude, Lu Zijie planned to send Yu Jiaen home.


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