Li Nianhuan came to the day of the maternity examination, and Yu Jiaen took her there. Li Nianhuan contacted Xu Yao, but Yu Jiaen didn't want to be his car, so Li Nianhuan secretly sent Xu Yao a message and asked him to drive behind. On the way to the hospital, Li Nianhuan secretly sent a message to her mother asking if she could tell Yu Jiaen about Xu Yao's debts back then, but Li Nianhuan's mother refused. Li Nianhuan wanted to insinuate, but in fact she knew that Xu Yao was a good person, and she had no choice but to leave Yu Jiaen and leave, so she asked Yu Jiaen, if she married Xu Yao and stayed in Chengdu, would she be happy? This question made Yu Jiaen silent.

In the hospital, Xu Yao and Yu Jiaen were waiting for Li Nianhuan's obstetric examination. They recalled that when Yu Jiaen mistakenly thought she was pregnant, Xu Yao accompanied her to the hospital for the obstetric examination, but it turned out to be a false alarm, but Xu Yao showed his loyalty to her. It is also good to have a child in between. Xu Yao carefully asked Yu Jiaen if they had had a child in the first place, would the ending be different? Yu Jiaen did not answer. Li Nianhuan's prenatal examination is over, and the situation is very good. After walking out of the hospital, Li Nianhuan called her mother to report her safety. Yu Jiaen answered Xu Yao's question just now. Even if they had children back then, the ending would be the same. Even if they got married back then, they might not be happy.

Yu Jiaen used the exclusive "empty magic" between them on Xu Yao's forehead. If this action is used after they break up, it means that they will never see each other again. Yu Jiaen told Xu Yao that she will try her best to persuade Li Nianhuan to go home. In the future, he will not come to find himself again. Xu Wensong has been begging Li Nianhuan for forgiveness. In fact, he just wanted Li Nianhuan to give birth to a child. Li Nianhuan wanted to give Xu Wensong a chance, but the two parents had to meet. Xu Wensong wrote a letter of guarantee in person, otherwise he would never return to Chengdu. Xiao Li added Li Nianhuan's WeChat and sent a new recording, which was a conversation between her and Xu Wensong. Only then did Li Nianhuan know that Xu Wensong still had two faces, coaxing himself while being ambiguous with Xiao Li.

Now that Yu Jiaen and Zhang Qing have become her emotional advisers, Zhang Qing still suggested that they divorce. In order to prevent Li Nianhuan from being immersed in sadness, Zhang Qing took her and Yu Jiaen out for a drink. It just so happened that Hao Chenshi was busy with work and planned to go to Zhang Qing. Hao Chenshi gave the car to Xu Yao and asked him to drive home. Xu Yao saw Yu Jiaen who was calling at the door.

The road to Yuanjia is narrow, and several people met in a bar like this. Zhang Qing also learned about the relationship between Yu Jiaen and Xu Yao from Hao Chenshi, and knew that they were exes. Zhang Qing felt that this was not a problem at all. It's a little immature. Li Nianhuan also met the resident singer Zhao Ang in the bar. Zhao Ang was a few years younger than Li Nianhuan, but when he first saw Li Nianhuan, he felt like love at first sight.

Xu Yao called Yu Jiaen outside alone, and used the aggressive method, which really worked. Yu Jiaen immediately decided to join Spectrum Marketing. But Zhang Qing went to Shanghai on a business trip on the first day she joined the job, because she had offended people in the team, so she was still a little uncertain. Sure enough, when she arrived at the company, her colleagues ignored her. Yu Jiaen is also someone who has seen big scenes, and she will not affect her work and status because of this. But Lin Li, the department director, pretended not to see Yu Jiaen and ignored her at all.


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