Zhang Qing resigned from Spectrum, and Yu Jiaen gave up her competitive speech. She was moved by Lin Li's love for Spectrum and work, so she abstained from voting and voted for Lin Li. Zhang Qing and the employees in the marketing team also reconciled. In fact, everyone complained about her behind her back, but when it came time for her to leave, everyone was very reluctant to leave. Xiaomi hopes that Zhang Qing will not be so kind to her children in the future. Lin Li She was brought out by Zhang Qing, and she promised not to embarrass Zhang Qing. Lu Zijie also came to see Zhang Qing off. He hoped that they could still be friends, but Zhang Qing no longer took such words seriously. She hoped that Lu Zijie could treat her former subordinates better.

Yu Jiaen sent Zhang Qing out just as the two of them went home together. Zhang Qing told Yu Jiaen that Lu Zijie had already decided that Yu Jiaen would be the general manager. She didn’t understand why Yu Jiaen gave up suddenly. Yu Jiaen was actually very confused until she saw Lin Li’s job competition report. , she decided to give up. She could feel that Lin Li really loved this career and was willing to fight for it all her life. When she came to Spectrum, it was the lowest point in her life. She just wanted a job that could support herself. She doesn't have passion, so Lin Li is more suitable for the position of general manager than herself.

Now Yu Jiaen envies Zhao Ang. Everyone thinks Zhao Ang is unreliable, but now he is the one who treats himself sincerely and bravely pursues his dreams. Hao Chenshi and Xu Yao watched the sunset together, and they lamented how time flies. But they each have their own worries. Xu Yao is worried that Yu Jiaen will break up again because he wants to start a business, while Hao Chenshi is worried about how to let Zhang Qing rely on him with peace of mind.

Li Nianhuan also grew up and learned to be independent and brave. When she fell down, she could stand up and move on without anyone holding her hand.

Zhang Qing also had trouble finding a job after she became pregnant. The new industry felt that she had no experience, and the field she was familiar with felt that she was not suitable for work when she was pregnant at this time. Zhang Qing was very sad. Hao Chenshi was earning more now, so he comforted Zhang Qing. You can raise her yourself. Xu Yao and Yu Jiaen were urged to get married by Wang Ma, but Yu Jiaen had no such idea. She did not have to have a house, a car and children in her thirties. She just wanted to live her own life. If Xu Yao decided to start a business again, she would still do it. Accompany Xu Yao.

Hao Chenshi drafted a marriage partnership contract. He listed 16 clauses, all from Zhang Qing's perspective. Zhang Qing will always be Zhang Qing, and then his mother and wife. Then he knelt down and said to Zhang Qing. Zhang Qing proposed, and Zhang Qing was very moved. This time she agreed to Hao Chenshi's proposal without hesitation.

Xu Yao saw Yu Jiaen's design manuscript, and he came up with new ideas. He decided to realize his dream with Yu Jiaen and put the design concept into the domestic local culture. Yu Jiaen recognized Xu Yao's idea. Eight months later, Zhang Qing gave birth to a child. She continued to look for a job. This time she was more confident and became a mother and wife. Now she will continue to return to the workplace to find Zhang Qing, 20-year-old Zhang Chunfen and 30-year-old Zhang Qing. Qing is who she is now when she is forty years old.

Xu Yao finally proposed to Yu Jiaen. After such a long separation and separation, the dust finally settled. Everyone celebrated Li Nianhuan's 30th birthday. Zhao Ang also sent a video and played a happy birthday song. Everyone celebrated together, not only for Li Nianhuan, but also to reconcile with her 30-year-old self. Along the way, each of them has experienced a lot, and they are still running for their dreams and careers. There is an unknown road ahead, but they are still moving forward bravely.


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