Xu Wensong was injured in his leg and was hospitalized. Colleagues came to the hospital to visit him. Xiao Li also came to the hospital crying and wearing a pair of Chanel earrings. Li Nianhuan only remembered when he saw the earrings. At that time, Xu Wensong said that it was given to a customer. Now Li Nianhuan knew that something was wrong. She asked Xu Wensong, who is this person, why is he crying, and why is he wearing Chanel earrings.

Yu Jiaen went to Spectrum Marketing for an interview, and received a call from Li Nianhuan downstairs. Li Nianhuan told her about Xu Wensong's cheating. It happened that Yu Jiaen also complained to her. He saw Li Nianhuan's bastard brother Xu Yao downstairs, and Xu Yao just happened to hear it. During their conversation, I really didn't expect him to have such an image in Yu Jiaen's heart. Yu Jiaen suggested that Li Nianhuan divorce and stop living with scum like Xu Wensong. Li Nianhuan finally decided to think about this matter seriously, but she hoped that Yu Jiaen would keep it a secret for herself before she made a decision. Yu Jiaen met the president Lu Zijie at the entrance of Spectrum Marketing, but she didn't know that he was the president. When she arrived at Zhang Qing's office, Yu Jiaen didn't know that she was being led by the president after Zhang Qing introduced her. She was really embarrassed.

Zhang Qing interviewed Yu Jiaen. Yu Jiaen used to work for Party A, while Spectrum Marketing was the team of Party B. Zhang Qing was not sure whether Yu Jiaen could understand the difference between the two. Yu Jiaen clearly expressed his understanding of Party A and Party B. Party B Service Party A is responsible for the creativity and effect, and Party A is not someone who knows nothing in the eyes of Party B. Party A is responsible for the final sales. Zhang Qing told Yu Jiaen that Party B's team was the waiter, and she didn't know if Yu Jiaen was ready for the challenge.

Li Nianhuan went to the hospital to find Xu Wensong, and she tested Xu Wensong according to Yu Jiaen's method. Sure enough, as Yu Jiaen said, Xu Wensong blamed Li Nianhuan for all the mistakes, and Li Nianhuan told Xu Wensong the decision to divorce with a wry smile. After the interview, Yu Jiaen received a call from her mother. Her mother knew about her resignation. Mothers in the world are the same. You can raise her. Yu Jiaen hoped that her mother could keep this matter a secret and not tell anyone in the community. After hanging up the phone, she received a transfer of 10,000 yuan from her mother.

Li Nianhuan ran away from home and went to Beijing. Xu Yao got the news from his aunt, so he told Yu Jiaen the news, and the two went to the airport to pick up Li Nianhuan. It happened that Xu Yao borrowed Hao Chenshi's car and sent them home. On the way home, Li Nianhuan used Xu Yao's mobile phone to make a video call with his mother to report safety. Yao slipped the word about his debts. Fortunately, Li Nianhuan and Xu Yao interrupted it in time, but Yu Jiaen still felt that this was very strange. Before she thought about it, she felt a little tight under her buttocks. She found a girl's earring and mistook it for Xu Yao's girlfriend of.

At night, Yu Jiaen and Li Nianhuan slept together. She remembered Li Nianhuan's mother's words and asked Li Nianhuan what it meant. Li Nianhuan didn't tell Yu Jiaen directly, but said that Xu Yao was really difficult at the time. He was like a drowning man. save yourself. The next morning, Zhang Qing saw a stranger at home. Yu Jiaen came back from buying breakfast and heard voices in the room at the door, so she hurried into the house and explained to Zhang Qing. Immediately got excited and told her how to get compensation from the scumbag. Li Nianhuan didn't expect that everyone would persuade her to divorce. She felt that she was already thirty years old and pregnant. She was the pride of her parents since she was a child. If she divorced now Now, there will be no way to live in the future. Her speech left Yu Jiaen and Zhang Qing speechless.


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