Zhang Qing changed her mind. She gave up the surgery and decided to go shopping with Hao Chenshi to buy some maternal and infant products. Hao Chenshi was very happy. He finally had a chance to be a father. This little life was very important to him. Li Nianhuan went to Yu Jiaen and Zhang Qing to complain. She couldn't understand Zhao Ang's attitude towards her. In fact, both Yu Jiaen and Zhang Qing knew that it was because Zhao Ang yearned for freedom that Li Nianhuan pursued it unrealistically and crazily. Yu Jiaen told Li Nianhuan about this. They are both right, problems like this will arise when getting along.

Zhao Ang went to apologize to Xu Yao. Fortunately, Hao Chenshi was at the scene, otherwise Xu Yao would have beaten Zhao Ang violently. Zhao Ang still loves Li Nianhuan, but he doesn't want to live a life like this. He has lost his goal and doesn't know why he is living. At this point, Zhao Ang seems to have decided to break up with Li Nianhuan. Hao Chenshi now needs to know who will repay the money he lent. After all, he is going to be a father. Zhang Qing has learned tolerance and empathy since she became pregnant. Lu Zijie taught him a lesson about self-righteousness. Now she finally decided to take a long vacation for herself and wait for the birth of her baby.

Xu Yao held a shareholders' meeting. He made his decision. When he and the Weiyi faction agreed to the battle, he would withdraw. As long as he had 10% of the shares, if President Su agreed, he would serve as Fanxing's strategic development consultant. Xu Yao is very decent in his job. He does his best to protect the interests of everyone. The balance of the public opinion situation is tilting towards Fanxing. Allergies among users of Weiyipai clothes occur frequently. Users even spontaneously set up groups to collect problems about Weiyipai clothes. Spectrum Marketing seizes the opportunity to spread positive public opinion about Fanxing. , Wang Feng panicked and took the initiative to contact Su Yi.

With Xu Yao's efforts, Fanxing and the Yiyi Sect reached a cooperation. From now on, they will be a family, and only by cooperation can both parties be mutually beneficial and win-win. Zhao Ang decided to continue pursuing his unrealistic dream. Before departure, he went to Li Nianhuan to say goodbye and gave her the IOU. After they broke up, they were able to live in peace. Li Nianhuan still supported Zhao Ang to do what he wanted to do. , Zhao Ang would read the public account articles written by Li Nianhuan every day. Li Nianhuan wrote the lyrics and gave them to Zhao Ang, hoping that he could continue singing.

Xu Yao has decided to leave the company. His mission has been completed. He believes that Fanxing will get better and better under the leadership of Su Yi. Before he left, he went to the office to find Su Yi. He gave Su Yi a USB flash drive with a copy of more than 200 cartoons. In the future, Su Yi would be under pressure and would be lonely alone, so Xu Yao hoped that these cartoons could accompany Su Yi. Every hard day. Xu Yao knew every employee of Fanxing, and before leaving, he specifically told Su Yi about their personality traits, hoping that Su Yi would not treat these employees badly.

Su Yi originally wanted to ask Xu Yao to stay and watch a cartoon with her, and then she would watch it by herself, but Xu Yao declined Su Yi because Yu Jiaen was waiting for her downstairs. After Xu Yao left, Su Yi watched Spirited Away by herself in the conference room. After experiencing so much, she became the new Su Yi.

Xu Yao and Yu Jiaen boarded the rooftop again. Xu Yao was sorry that he still failed to fulfill his promise to Yu Jiaen. Yu Jiaen did not feel regretful, because after going through all this, Xu Yao returned to her again, which was the happiest thing.


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