Xu Yao called Zhang Qing and Yu Jiaen to the company to open accounts. He hoped that Su Yi could also participate. Xu Yao's calmness surprised Su Yi. He didn't know why he did this. She didn't want to participate in the meeting, so she chose to go home. Rest and wish Xu Yao my condolences before leaving. Zhang Qing and Yu Jiaen came up with a good solution. They will help Fanxing hold the position of public opinion. As for Fanxing's marketing strategy, Xu Yao still needs to make the final decision. Xu Yao decided to open a section on the app that started bidding at 1 yuan. Only Fanxing members could participate in this activity and retain users once. Zhang Qing proposed to donate the money to find a public welfare project, which could stabilize Fanxing's public opinion. position.

After the meeting, Hao Chenshi went to Zhang Qing's office and gave her two boxes of folic acid. Although Hao Chenshi wanted to keep the child, he respected Zhang Qing's opinion. Xu Yao decided to quit Fanxing after the showdown with Weiyi Party. He wanted to keep Fanxing as much as possible. Yu Jiaen also supported Xu Yao's approach. She felt that if one person between Xu Yao and Su Yi needed to quit, it would be more appropriate for Xu Yao to quit. After all, he always had many weird ideas for starting a business, so Fanxing would treat it as a gift. A gift for Su Yi.

Zhang Qing worked hard, finishing up Spectrum's affairs and busy with the subsidiary's affairs, but he didn't know yet that Lu Zijie already knew about her pregnancy and had already contacted the headhunter to arrange a new leader of the subsidiary. He replaced Zhang Qing It is a pity that a woman does not get pregnant until she is forty years old, which means that her future focus will be on her family, and she cannot afford to wait for a new company.

The relationship between Li Nianhuan and Zhao Ang is no longer what it used to be. Once the relationship is mixed with daily necessities and worries about life, the love will be consumed. Li Nianhuan was very motivated and was very frugal in order to exchange debts and kept accounts every day. However, Zhao Ang spent 3,000 yuan to treat his colleagues to a feast and always wanted to buy a camera in order to build a good relationship with his colleagues.

Hao Chenshi got very drunk and went to Xu Yao. He was helpless because he wanted to keep the child, but he could not do anything. After all, Zhang Qing was the child's mother and the child was in her body, and she might be suffering more than him. . Hao Chenshi practiced holding the child and changing diapers every day before going to bed, just to try whether he could be a good father. However, the day for Zhang Qing's surgery was getting closer and closer, and he felt that he had no chance. The next day, Xu Yao sent Hao Chenshi's video to Zhang Qing, and Zhang Qing burst into tears watching it.

Zhang Qing met Lin Wen in the company, Lu Zijie's newly recruited head of the subsidiary. Zhang Qing was very disappointed. Unexpectedly, Lu Zijie did not ask about her situation and made her own decision. She had been with Lu Zijie for ten years and thought they were friends. In the end, it is still the smallest price to pay for being sacrificed in the workplace. Yu Jiaen heard their conversation at the door of the office. She chased Zhang Qing out. Knowing that today was the day she had scheduled the operation, she planned to accompany her, but Zhang Qing declined. Hao Chenshi was waiting for her in the garage, so she went to find Hao Chenshi. , leaving a piece of advice to Yu Jiaen, no job is worth sacrificing her life.

Zhao Ang bought a second-hand camera, and Li Nianhuan quarreled with him because of this. Li Nianhuan ate instant noodles every day to pay back the money, but Zhao Ang actually spent more than 10,000 yuan to buy the camera and paid it in advance. She couldn't understand that this amount She didn't owe the money at all, but now she was working hard to repay it, and Zhao Ang also felt aggrieved. He had sacrificed a lot for Li Nianhuan, doing a job he didn't like, socializing and attending meetings every day. This was not him at all. The life you want. Zhao Ang actually regretted his choice to be with Li Nianhuan. As expected, love and life are two different things.


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