Hao Chenshi wanted to be responsible for Zhang Qing and the child, so he proposed to Zhang Qing while having dinner with Zhang Qing. However, Zhang Qing was not ready yet and decisively returned the ring to Hao Chenshi. She hoped that Hao Chenshi could stay some more time. I will seriously consider this matter. Because they originally agreed not to get married, but something unexpected happened, and she didn't want to disrupt her life plan just because of the arrival of the child.

Su Yi accidentally bumped into a panicked girl in the garage. She saw the girl get into Su Yi's car with a bunch of documents and official seals. She realized that there was something fishy about the matter, so she immediately contacted Hao Chenshi. She analyzed Su Yi deliberately dismissed Hao Chenshi. Hao Chenshi contacted Xu Yao, but Xu Yao's father's situation was not good. The phone was hung up midway through the conversation. Hao Chenshi couldn't care about so much and was about to return to Beijing. .

Xu Yao's father passed away, and the only regret they had was not being able to go to the Northeast to watch the snow. But when his father was dying, Xu Yao described the scene of him and his father running in the snow together, having snowball fights and making snowmen.

Su Yi still teamed up with his father to raise funds, and used this method to dilute the shares of all shareholders of the company. Old Su would always sign an agreement to transfer the shares to Su Yi for free. In this way, Su Yi became the largest shareholder of Fanxing. Hao Chenshi rushed back to the company as soon as he returned to Beijing, ran to the office and scolded Su Yi. He didn't expect Su Yi to add insult to injury. He quit and left Su Yi to fend for himself. And Hao Chenshi was sure that Su Yi couldn't win, because the Yiyi Sect had just issued an announcement to cancel user deposits, which was not a good thing for Fanxing.

Xu Yao finished handling his father's funeral affairs and packed his father's belongings. He and Yu Jiaen returned to Beijing together. When he came back, no one would be waiting for him at home. A bowl of steaming beef noodles was prepared for him in advance. Yu Jiaen would always accompany him. By Xu Yao's side, because Xu Yao only has her.

Xu Yao returned to Beijing to deal with the mess caused by Su Yi. The head of the technical department was Xu Yao's younger brother. He originally came to the company because of Xu Yaocai. Now that Su Yi is leading the company, he was not convinced so he submitted his resignation report, and the technical department Half of the people in the department belonged to him, so everyone decided to leave with him. He asked Su Yi to make preparations in advance. When Xu Yao returned to the company, he was very organized and decided to solve external problems first and then adjust internal conflicts. When everyone saw Xu Yao coming back, they felt relieved and started to work.

The first thing that needs to be resolved is the user's request for a refund of the deposit. Because Suyi planned to sell Fanxing to the Weiyi Pai, the Weiyi Pai seized the opportunity and spread the news, causing users to panic, so they initiated the deposit refund. application. Zhang Qing was officially promoted to vice president, and the position of general manager of Spectrum was created between Yu Jiaen and Lin Li. Zhang Qing knew that they had had unpleasant encounters, but they relied on their ability in the workplace. She hoped that this time it would be fair competition, regardless of Whoever wins in the end should not affect the teamwork between them.

Zhang Qing was still struggling with whether to have this child, but now she is more clear that she wants a career, because she knows that money can bring her everything she wants. Although Yu Jiaen hopes that she will keep the child, he hopes she can do it for herself. live. Xu Yao knew what Su Yi had done, but he did not break up with Su Yi. The top priority was to get through Fanxing's difficulties. Regarding the resignation of the head of the technical department, Xu Yao would not agree. Now the Weiyi faction has started to act like monsters again. Xu Yao knows their purpose, but they just want to use this dirty method to force Su Yi to Fanxing sold it to them cheaply, and Xu Yao had already thought of a way to fight back.


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