Li Nianhuan said a lot. After all, she was the "senior" in this regard. She hoped that Zhang Qing would think carefully and not say anything negative, because the baby would be sad if he heard it. Xu Yao returned to his hometown and stayed with his father in the ward all day. He blamed himself very much because his father was leaving him before he could let his father live in a big house. He couldn't hear his father snoring at night, so he quickly got up and woke up his father. He was relieved when he saw his father responded. He was worried that his father would leave in his sleep.

Su Yi returned home and reported the recent situation to her father. Old Su was always a ruthless businessman. Although he was very optimistic about Xu Yao, Xu Yao was too ignorant and made his precious daughter sad many times, so he wanted to kick Xu Yao out this time. After being eliminated, Su Yi was worried that he would not be able to manage Fanxing well. Mr. Su felt that this was not a problem. There were many talented people now. If Xu Yao was eliminated, he would build a new management team for Su Yi. Judging from the current situation, Mr. Su feels that he is sure of victory, and Hao Chenshi is not important. As for Mr. Zhao, as a businessman, he always stands on the side of money.

Xu Yao told his father the news that he and Yu Jiaen had reconciled. He was planning to hold a wedding and was waiting for his father to attend the wedding. Xu Yao's father likes Yu Jiaen very much and must make a big deal so that Xu Yao can marry Yu Jiaen into the family. Yu Jiaen came to the hospital to deliver meals to Xu Yao's father. He hoped that Yu Jiaen could tell Xu Yao to be discharged and go home, and told her that when she suddenly failed, there would be no need to resuscitate her.

Yu Jiaen could understand Xu Yao's father, so she went to Xu Yao. Now it was time to let go, but Xu Yao was reluctant. He couldn't just watch his father go home and wait for death. After communicating with her father, Su Yi decided to operate in secret, so when Su Yi deliberately went to find Hao Chen, she dismissed him on the grounds of work, and said that she had already thought about it. Now she would not make any money by selling Fanxing, so she still had to do a good job. Dry.

Zhao Ang has been working hard at work, but the leader did not see the results of his efforts. Hao Chenshi decided to take him with him on this business trip, just in time to have the opportunity to take him with him. Hao Chenshi called Zhao Ang downstairs to drink coffee. He knew that Li Nianhuan saw Zhao Ang's parents being wronged. He had always regarded Li Nianhuan as his sister, so he hoped that Zhao Ang could handle this matter like a man. . But Zhao Ang did not dare to resist his parents, nor did he dare to see Li Nianhuan. He felt that Li Nianhuan was too anxious and his parents would not be able to accept her for a while.

When the two of them got on the elevator, Zhao Ang deliberately pressed the floor where the spectrum was located, and then he told Hao Chenshi about Zhang Qing's pregnancy. Hao Chenshi, like Zhang Qing, had no intention of becoming parents, but Zhao Ang felt that this He should know about it, and Li Nianhuan had already persuaded Zhang Qing to keep the child. When the elevator reached the Spectrum floor, Zhang Qing came out to see off the client. Hao Chenshi hurriedly pressed the door button. He hadn't thought about how to face Zhang Qing.

Hao Chenshi went to Li Nianhuan. He wanted to know how Zhang Qing decided. Li Nianhuan had always regarded Hao Chenshi as his brother. She suggested that Hao Chenshi choose "Jin" now because he gave Zhang Qing the courage to keep this child. Hao Chenshi thought that Whether the child should be born or not is Zhang Qing's right, so his own thoughts are not important. But Li Nianhuan didn't think so, and still hoped that he could face this problem with Zhang Qing head-on. Moreover, if Hao Chenshi was a father, he must be a good father. Recently, Li Nianhuan was looking for courage, so she held Hao Chenshi's hand, hoping to pass on the courage to he.


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