When Xu Yao returned home and saw Wang Ma and Yu Jiaen at home, the corners of his mouth couldn't stop rising. He finally had the opportunity to have a meal together as a family. Yu Jiaen pulled Xu Yao into the bedroom to tell him something, but she saw the wedding photos on the table. She finally stopped suppressing her inner feelings, hugged Xu Yao, and decided to face it with him, and they would never break up no matter what happened. .

After the Chinese New Year, everyone returned to work one after another. Yu Jiaen submitted her resignation. Zhang Qing could understand her difficulties, because now Su Yi deliberately blocked the project and was unable to advance, so the Spectrum and Fanxing projects were temporarily stalled. Zhang Qing suspended Yu Jiaen's job without pay, hoping that she would consider it again. Yu Jiaen stayed in her hometown to help take care of Xu Yao's father. The condition of Xu Yao's father is getting worse day by day. The doctor has suggested that he should enjoy his last life. Xu Yao's aunt feels that Xu Yao should no longer be kept secret. She wants Yu Jiaen to tell Xu Yao about this. Yu Jiaen felt that what her aunt said made sense, so she called Xu Yao. She first asked Xu Yao about the situation of his company and learned that the current situation was not optimistic. Su Yi had completely broken up with him and was on the road to disbanding. Yu Jiaen held back, not wanting Xu Yao to be distracted for the time being.

Su Yi planned to sell Fanxing to the Weiyi Sect. She made a private appointment with Mr. Wang of the other party. Xu Yao and Hao Chenshi were not idle here. They were also worried that Su Yi would burn everything. In order to keep Fanxing, Xu Yao and Hao Chen decided to Chenshi went to Mr. Zhao, hoping that the three people would sign an agreement to act in concert. Mr. Zhao remained neutral at first. He knew that there was a large group behind Su Yi. As a businessman, although he admired Xu Yao, he also had basic sense. Xu Yao prepared a detailed plan and decided to seize the short video trend. Mr. Zhao thought his idea was good, so he signed an agreement to act in concert.

Su Yi was very angry when she saw the agreement. She didn't expect Xu Yao to be a clique behind the scenes, but she was not worried. It was not certain who would have the last laugh. Xu Yao's father was critically ill. Yu Jiaen contacted Xu Yao and asked her to catch the last flight home. When Su Yi found out about this, she felt guilty for a moment. Hao Chenshi sent Xu Yao to the airport. Xu Yao told Hao Chenshi to observe Su Yi's movements on the way. She knew that Su Yi had decided to sell Fanxing to the Weiyi faction. Although they had an agreement to act in concert, they should be careful. Su Yi.

Xu Yao returned home and took good care of his father. Yu Jiaen knew that it was a difficult time, so she stayed with Xu Yao to support and encourage him. Li Nianhuan found a job as a new media editor, and now her job is stable, so she wanted Zhao Ang to take her to meet her parents and formally meet her parents as Zhao Ang's girlfriend. Unexpectedly, Zhao Ang's parents simply couldn't accept Li Nianhuan's three She was divorced when she was ten years old, and their words were very unpleasant. Zhao Ang did not stand up to speak for Li Nianhuan or protect her. Li Nianhuan felt very sad, so she went to live with Zhang Qing temporarily. She was no longer the Li Nianhuan she was before. Although she loved Zhao Ang, she did not belittle herself because of Zhao Ang's mother's words. Now Zhao Ang does all the work by herself. She was looking for her, and the money was spent on her. Why should they slander themselves? They were also their parents' treasures and had never suffered such grievances.

Li Nianhuan accidentally discovered Zhang Qing's pregnancy test report. She hoped that Zhang Qing could give birth to the child, but Zhang Qing had never had such an idea. She had not yet figured out what to do with this unexpected child, but motherhood is related to birth. Suddenly, after listening to Li Nianhuan's words, she began to rethink whether to give birth to a child.


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