Xu Yao and his family had dinner together. Li Nianhuan was very smart and asked Su Yi to take a photo for them. She deliberately didn't let Yu Jiaen take it because she wanted a family photo. On the surface, she disliked Yu Jiaen's photo taking. The elders disguised themselves very well. She left a family photo for Xu Yao's family. In fact, Li Nianhuan did this for her uncle. She knew that her uncle liked Yu Jiaen very much. Maybe this was the last Spring Festival they could spend together, so A photo must be taken.

After dinner, Yu Jiaen and Su Yi broke a bowl while competing to wash the dishes. The family felt the strange atmosphere between them. Xu Yao's father called Su Yi away for buying red envelopes downstairs. He took Su Yi away. Su Yi walked on the streets of Chengdu and told Su Yi what happened when Xu Yao was a child. In fact, he just wanted to tell Su Yi that things that Xu Yao believes in are difficult to change, and this has been true since childhood. After talking a lot, Xu Yao's father finally told Su Yi that he could see that Su Yi liked Xu Yao, and that she was kind to Xu Yao, but she couldn't force things to happen, so she let Xu Yao make his own choice. Su Yi was very sad. She felt that she put down her dignity and came to Chengdu during the Chinese New Year just to let Xu Yao look at her more.

Li Nianhuan prepared a cake, and everyone blew out candles to make New Year's wishes. She took a photo to commemorate it. In the photo, Xu Yao's glasses were always looking at Yu Jiaen. Later, while everyone was watching the fireworks, Li Nianhuan gave the photo to Su Yi, hoping that she would be alone. When Su Yi saw the photo, she knew what Li Nianhuan meant and understood Xu Yao's heart, but she just didn't want to give up. She clearly loved Xu Yao, and Yu Jiaen was just in the past tense.

In the evening, Xu Yao took Su Yi home. Because he couldn't find a hotel during the Chinese New Year, he had to let Su Yi make do with it first. Xu Yao hugged the quilt and went to his father's room to sleep. Su Yi asked him for a charger, but Xu Yao didn't have it. Go to the room, just send her a message telling her that it was in the drawer. Su Yi opened the drawer and found the wedding photos of Xu Yao and Yu Jiaen. It turned out that Xu Yao picked up the photos that Yu Jiaen threw in the trash can and glued them up. Su Yi was even more sad when she saw this photo. This annual meeting was an unforgettable year in her life. She experienced three psychological blows in one night.

Hao Chenshi flew back to Beijing from his hometown to celebrate the New Year with Zhang Qing. He was just worried that Zhang Qing would not eat well. Sure enough, when he got home, he saw Zhang Qing preparing to eat and drank red wine. The two of them walked around the streets. Beijing seemed a little deserted during the New Year, but only at this moment Zhang Qing and Hao Chen felt that this city belonged to them. Hao Chenshi told Zhang Qing his story for the first time. In fact, he didn't want to get married because he had an unreliable father when he was a child. He was worried that he would become like his father and affect his children, so he simply didn't get married. When Zhang Qing felt sorry for Hao Chen, she finally found someone who could understand her.

Su Yi secretly left Xu Yao's house early in the morning. Xu Yao found out and went to find her. The two talked it out completely this time. Su Yi finally knew that nothing could threaten Xu Yao to give up Yu Jiaen, including his career. In this case, she decided to sell the stars as soon as possible. Wang Ma brought Yu Jiaen to Xu Yao's house. The parents all wanted the two children to be together. Wang Ma also decided to cook a meal at Xu Yao's house, so that the two families could have a meal together.


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