Xu Yao was very decent. He just told the story of himself and his ex-girlfriend and the original intention of establishing the brand. He sincerely wished Yu Jiaen happiness and happiness every day in the future. Yu Jiaen ran out, and Li Nianhuan chased her out, hoping that she would not leave, otherwise she would regret it, but Yu Jiaen left anyway. This was the choice she made for Xu Yao. Li Nianhuan felt very pitiful and felt sorry for her brother.

On the twenty-seventh of the twelfth lunar month, Li Nianhuan and Xu Yao went to their hometown to celebrate the New Year together. The New Year is a reunion, so the family agreed to hide Xu Yao's father's illness from the news. Everyone had a good New Year, and this might be the last reunion. When Yu Jiaen returned home, she learned that her mother had agreed to have dinner with Xu Yao's family. She told her mother the fact that it was no longer possible for her and Xu Yao, and that she had agreed to the blind date arranged by her aunt. Yu Jiaen's blind date was not sincere. She just completed the task and hoped that the other party would express her disdain for her. However, the blind date partner Zhao Xu liked her very much, but Yu Jiaen was not interested in him.

Yu Jiaen received a call from the bridal shop. She and Xu Yao had taken wedding photos and put them on display in the bridal shop. Yu Jiaen happened to ask Zhao Xu to accompany her to the bridal shop to retrieve the photos. As a result, I met Xu Yao in the bridal shop. The two looked at each other for a long time. Later, when they were fighting for the wedding photos, they fell to the ground. Yu Jiaen walked out of the bridal shop with the photos, tore them off in front of Xu Yao and threw them away. Trash can, she hopes Xu Yao can let her go. Xu Yao guessed that Yu Jiaen was not with Lu Zijie at all because her name was Mr. Lu Zijie. Indeed, after that show, Lu Zijie knew that he and Yu Jiaen were not destined. He finally found the answer to the question that Zhang Qing asked him. Yu Jiaen was more suitable. The backbone of the company, he decided to give up pursuing Yu Jiaen.

Xu Yao's father's physical condition was getting worse day by day. He began to cough up blood and deliberately hid it from Xu Yao so that he would not see it. Xu Yao's father organized some of his things and told him where to put them. He hoped that he would remember them well and leave these things to his children in the future to let them know how good their father is. Xu Yao was kept in the dark and felt that his father's words were a bit strange, but after his father explained it, he felt it was reasonable and didn't care.

Li Nianhuan couldn't help but go to Yu Jiaen and tell her about Xu Yao's father's terminal illness. Xu Yao would lose more in the future. He was really pitiful, so Li Nianhuan hoped that Yu Jiaen would not treat Xu Yao like this. Su Yi's parents traveled abroad. When she was traveling in Chengdu, she deliberately called Xu Yao and wanted to go to his house for dinner. Today happened to be the day when Xu Yao went to his aunt's house for a reunion dinner. Xu Yao went directly to pick up Su Yi at the airport. Went to my aunt's house.

Su Yi bought some scarves as gifts for their family at the airport and put them on one by one. Just when Xu Yao was wearing them, Yu Jiaen came with the gifts. The scene was very embarrassing. She saw Su Yi there and lied about coming. After giving Li Nianhuan the things she bought for her uncle, she put down her things and was about to leave. Li Nianhuan stopped Yu Jiaen and told everyone that this was the gift Yu Jiaen bought for her family, and stayed for her to eat. The family members didn't know what was going on, but they were very happy and happily kept Yu Jiaen for dinner. Su Yi looked ugly.

Zhang Qing did not go home during the Chinese New Year. She only felt that this was a long holiday suitable for being alone. She was already very tired from dealing with clients and did not want to go home to maintain relationships with her family. Hao Chenshi knew that she stayed alone in Beijing for the Chinese New Year. So I bought a lot of ingredients and sent them to her house.


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