Li Nianhuan was a drunkard and didn't care about drinking. In fact, she came to see Zhao Ang. Zhao Ang was a little nervous about having dinner with Xu Yao in his office. After eating, Li Nianhuan forced Xu Yao to send her downstairs. In fact, she wanted Xu Yao, as a parent, to give Zhao Ang a pat on the back. The New Year was approaching and it was a suitable time to visit Zhao Ang's parents. However, Li Nianhuan herself suggested something wrong. Xu Yao still needs help with this matter. Xu Yao called Zhao Ang to the office. He didn't tell Zhao Ang directly. He just told Zhao Ang that Li Nianhuan was a few years older than him, so he would pin the stability of a relationship on marriage. He knew that Zhao Ang would understand him by saying this. the meaning to be expressed. Of course Zhao Ang understood it, but he showed a troubled expression.

Xu Yao's father had lung cancer and collapsed downstairs. Fortunately, the neighbors saw it and contacted Li Nianhuan's mother. Xu Yao's father had been in the hospital for several days, but they were not allowed to tell Xu Yao about it. The doctor They have been told that the current situation is not optimistic. Li Nianhuan's mother has no choice but to tell Li Nianhuan about this. She doesn't know what to do. Li Nianhuan could only ask her mother to stay with her uncle first and persuade him not to leave the hospital. They would think of a solution after the big show was completed.

Fanxing's press conference will be held soon. Xu Yao has already bought a wedding ring in advance. He plans to confess his love to Yu Jiaen in front of everyone during the press conference.

The next day, many guests came, including Su Yi's father, and the media would come to the scene one after another. Hao Chenshi repeatedly confirmed to Xu Yao that he really wanted to propose to Yu Jiaen under such circumstances. Judging from Xu Yao's appearance, he didn't even think about it. It's not like he would regret it. Xu Yao sent the carefully prepared proposal video to Xiaomi. He wanted to let Xiaomi release it after the press conference. Xiaomi checked all the materials to make sure nothing went wrong. She read the content of the video and suggested that Xu Yao still I need to tell Yu Jiaen in advance. Xu Yao told Xiaomi to release the video no matter what. Xiaomi was very worried, so he told Yu Jiaen about it. Yu Jiaen went directly to Xu Yao and told him not to mention her and give up the confession. Moreover, she changed her mind and still could not reconcile with Xu Yao. They had already experienced a failed relationship, and there was no guarantee that they would be able to reconcile it again. Marriage works well.

Xu Yao didn't know why Yu Jiaen had changed so much in a few days. He stopped Yu Jiaen from letting her leave. Yu Jiaen found an opportunity to send a message to Lu Zijie, asking him to help take him away. Yu Jiaen deliberately held Lu Zijie's hand in front of Xu Yao, hoping that he could also find the more suitable person, and that Xu Yao could bless them. Xu Yao looked at Yu Jiaen leaving and was in great pain, but after taking the medicine he had brought with him, he could only rely on himself to control his emotions because he would have to speak on stage later.

Finally, when it was time for Xu Yao to speak on stage, he asked Xiaomi to release the video. He told his original intention of starting Fanxing, which was to fulfill his promise to his ex-girlfriend and that he wanted her to wear beautiful clothes every day. Because they had an engagement party, but they didn't have much money, and the engagement party cost a lot of money, so Yu Jiaen went through the entire wardrobe and couldn't find a suitable dress. It either pilled or faded. She was very angry. At that time, Xu Yao Determined to make Yu Jiaen live a good life and give her beautiful clothes to wear every day.


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