Yu Jiaen hopes Xu Yao succeeds. She knows that Xu Yao needs a comrade by his side, and for him now, Su Yi is that comrade. As Su Yi said, it is she, not Yu Jiaen, who can help Xu Yao realize his self-worth. Su Yi decided to give her shares to Xu Yao first and hold them on his behalf. She told Xu Yao that Fanxing was their company and she also hoped that Fanxing would have a bright future. Xu Yao was surprised. He didn't expect Su Yi to give in so quickly.

Zhang Qing's mother was desperate and contacted Hao Chen. When she told Hao Chen what happened at home, she knew that Zhang Qing had not sent money to the family for a long time to get Zhang Qiang. It should be that she really had no money, but now her family didn't either. With no other solution, Zhang Qing's mother could only plead with Hao Chenshi to help Zhang Qing. Hao Chenshi saw a familiar bag from an employee. After checking it, he realized that it was Zhang Qing's bag. He specifically asked the employee for a website to buy from. He saw from the homepage that Zhang Qing was selling her favorite bags. and jewelry. Hao Chenshi blocked Zhang Qing in the garage. He wanted to help her, but Zhang Qing didn't want to owe anyone else, so she had a bad attitude towards Hao Chenshi. In fact, she didn't want to involve him. She didn't want to have another person with her. Make the same sacrifice.

Xu Yao got the investment and the big show was going to be held soon. Xu Yao contacted Li Nianhuan to celebrate together. Unexpectedly, Li Nianhuan took Yu Jiaen with him. As a result, they met Xu Yao and Su Yi at the door of the restaurant. The four of them were very embarrassed. But in the end they decided to eat together. Su Yi deliberately reminded Yu Jiaen at the dinner table to remember what she said. Xu Yao was puzzled. Su Yi lied that it was about Yu Jiaen's show. Yu Jiaen knew what Su Yi was talking about. She asked Su Yi was relieved and kept his word.

Yu Jiaen and Xu Yao had a tacit understanding and secretly moved reinforcements. As a result, Zhang Qing and Hao Chenshi, who had just finished their conflict, arrived at the same time. The meal was a very humane and sophisticated meal. After the meal, Hao Chenshi wanted to chat with Zhang Qing, but Zhang Qing had nothing to say, but Hao Chenshi kept following Zhang Qing's car. Zhang Qing saw her car. She deliberately asked her driver to drive to the hotel, and then gave Hao Chenshi her room number. Hao Chenshi originally misunderstood that Zhang Qing was dating someone else, but he didn't expect that she was waiting for him. His face suddenly changed. The clouds turned sunny and I rushed back to the hotel.

Zhang Qing asked Hao Chenshi directly if he was worth 200,000. Hao Chenshi didn't understand what Zhang Qing meant. He just wanted to know about the man who entered the hotel with Zhang Qing. It was just a coincidence. The man drank too much and fell to Zhang Qing. She just instinctively gave him a hand, and was photographed. Hao Chenshi believed Zhang Qing's words, so he took out his bank card. Zhang Qing wrote an IOU and planned to pay the year-end bonus and then return the money to Hao Chenshi. Hao Chenshi stopped her. He was already forty years old and it might be the last time in his life that his heart moved, so he was willing to share Zhang Qing's difficulties and pain. Zhang Qing was moved by Hao Chenshi's words.

Zhao Ang went to work in Xu Yao's company. Li Nianhuan hoped that he would do well. For this reason, he was still trying to please Xu Yao and went to the company to deliver lunch to Xu Yao. Yu Jiaen was begged by Dudu to attend the school's parent-child party because Dudu's mother couldn't make it back. Yu Jiaen looked at the coquettish Dudu and couldn't bear to refuse, so she agreed. At the school party, the teacher asked the father and the child to give to the mother. When applying lipstick, Lu Zijie and Dudu were creative and painted a small red heart on Yu Jiaen's face, which was very beautiful. The three of them took a group photo together. Yu Jiaen sent the photo to Li Nianhuan and told her that he was at school now, so he refused to answer her call.


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