Xu Yao called Hao Chenshi and Su Yi to a meeting and talked about equity. Hao Chenshi suggested that Xu Yao buy three points from Su Yi and owe the money first. Su Yi felt a little uncomfortable, which meant Xu Yao and her were just doing business, and Xu Yao would not show weakness to him at all. Su Yi is also very smart. She just received 10,000 yuan from Li Nianhuan, then she turned on the screen of her mobile phone and used the excuse to go to the toilet. The purpose was to let Xu Yao see the content of the message. Sure enough, Xu Yao saw it and contacted Li Nianhuan. She reprimanded her, first because she deceived herself, and then she asked Li Nianhuan to return the money to Su Yi quickly. Su Yi went to the office to find Xu Yao, pretended to comfort Xu Yao, and took the matter into her own hands. Xu Yao knew that Su Yi had been silently helping him and his family. Su Yi told Xu Yao that as long as he spoke, she would give Xu Yao three points. She just wanted to experience the beauty of the stars with Xu Yao.

Zhao Ang heard that Xu Yao was angry with Li Nianhuan on the other end of the phone. He felt that his brother must not know how to feel sorry for his sister if he did not do well. This time, Li Nianhuan could not bear it anymore. She and Zhao Ang had a quarrel. Zhao Ang had recently interviewed When things don't go well, she plays games when she gets home without considering her own perspective at all. She can make money as a housewife, while Zhao Ang is still an international student, can't do anything well, and is still a mom's baby. Zhao Ang got angry and picked up his coat and left the house, while Li Nianhuan cried in the empty room.

Hao Chenshi told Yu Jiaen about the company's situation, and then Yu Jiaen made an appointment with Su Yi. Su Yi simply couldn't see the two of them being together, so as long as Yu Jiaen resigned and left Spectrum and Xu Yao, she would transfer her shares to Xu Yao. Yu Jiaen didn't expect Su Yi to say such words. Xu Yao wanted to borrow 3 million from Hao Chenshi to buy some shares from Su Yi, but Hao Chenshi only had a deposit of 300,000 and could not help Xu Yao. However, even with 3 million, Su Yi could As long as the money is needed, this is not something that money can solve now.

In the end, Xu Yao asked his family for help. He wanted his father to take the house to a bank for mortgage and asked how much money could be mortgaged. He also borrowed money from his aunt. Later, his aunt told Li Nianhuan about it, and Li Nianhuan temporarily gave up and asked Zhao Ang to do so. It seems that Xu Yao is having trouble with the idea of ​​going to work in his company. Li Nianhuan forwarded the news to Yu Jiaen. Yu Jiaen knew that Xu Yao was in trouble, and she didn't want Xu Yao's dream to be shattered. Yu Jiaen contacted Hao Chenshi and asked where Xu Yao was. Hao Chenshi speculated that Xu Yao should still be in the company and asked her to go and have a look. , and finally he asked a question that Yu Jiaen could not answer: Will she be okay if she and Xu Yao are together?

Yu Jiaen went to find Xu Yao and found that he had fallen asleep on the sofa after drinking too much. After Xu Yao woke up, she went outside to relax when she needed it. Yu Jiaen was always healing him silently. Yu Jiaen has decided to make sacrifices for Xu Yao. She told Su Yi that she would leave her job and disappear from Xu Yao's world, but she just wanted to finish the show. Su Yi didn't believe Yu Jiaen. After all, how can you love someone? Being able to let go easily, Yu Jiaen told Su Yi that she would be happy only if Xu Yao was happy.

Zhang Qing and Hao Chenshi also had a conflict. A colleague saw Zhang Qing entering the hotel with a man and sent the photo to the wrong group. As a result, Hao Chenshi saw it and Zhang Qing could not be contacted on his mobile phone. The next day, Hao Chenshi showed up at the door of Spectrum Company. When Zhang Qing was blocked, she was very angry and asked her directly who she was spending the night with. Zhang Qing was confused. Faced with Hao Chen's contempt and questioning, she couldn't bear it and slapped him.


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