Although Zhang Qing is an independent strong woman in the workplace, her original family is not happy. Her parents regard her as a helper. Her younger brother works in his hometown with a monthly salary of 3,000. He has a girlfriend and needs to buy a house to get married. Zhang Qing told his mother that the house can only be bought within 90 square meters, and his name must be written in the house book, otherwise he would not pay the money. Her mother wanted to buy a big one, and felt that Zhang Qing would have to pay tens of thousands of dollars to buy a bag. A bigger house would only cost more than 100,000 yuan. Helpless, but she dared to refuse.

Hao Chenshi dressed up as Leon, and when he arrived, he heard the conversation between Zhang Qing and his mother not far away. He was attracted by Zhang Qing. The 40-year-old Hao Chenshi had no interest in love and marriage, but Zhang Qing's appearance, It was like opening a closed door inside him. Hao Chenshi promised Xu Yao to start a business with him, the position is vice president, Fanxing Technology is on the 41st floor, just above Zhang Qing's company, Zhang Qing immediately took out his business card to introduce himself after hearing Hao Chenshi's self-introduction , hoping to have opportunities for cooperation in the future.

Yu Jiaen went to Fanxing Technology for an interview, registered at the front desk and left a message, which happened to be seen by Zhang Qing. Yu Jiaen's interview went relatively smoothly. Except for the unsatisfactory salary, other conditions were not bad. Hao Chenshi, as the person in charge of the marketing department, interviewed in person after the HR interview. He and Yu Jiaen met as old friends. Hao Chenshi knew from Yu Jiaen that she and Xu Yao had an unpleasant quarrel, so he took Yu Jiaen downstairs to drink coffee, he wanted to recommend Yu Jiaen to other companies, the benefits and benefits were very good, Yu Jiaen felt very strange, Hao Chenshi looked flustered, but she didn't know why. At the same time, Su Yi also gave Xu Yao Yu Jiaen's resume. She remembered Yu Jiaen's name and knew that this was Li Nianhuan's classmate, so she asked Xu Yao if she wanted to chat with her in person.

Xu Yao came out to find Yu Jiaen in person, and Yu Jiaen knew the reason why Hao Chen wanted to send him away in a hurry when he saw Xu Yao. Su Yi hoped to communicate again, and Yu Jiaen agreed. Xu Yao sent a message to Yu Jiaen, telling her that Fanxing was not suitable for her. In fact, he did not want Yu Jiaen to suffer here. After all, they are a start-up company, and it is uncertain how far they can go in the future. During the communication process, Su Yi admired Yu Jiaen very much, and she hoped that Yu Jiaen could join the job as soon as possible, but Yu Jiaen declined Su Yi's invitation.

After Hao Chenshi sent Yu Jiaen away, he drank coffee with Xu Yao in the coffee shop downstairs. He really had no choice but to reject Yu Jiaen. After that, she was obviously angry, and Hao Chenshi also expressed that she didn't understand, Xu Yao was just an ex-boyfriend, and Yu Jiaen wrote that widowhood was her freedom.

Hao Chenshi took Yu Jiaen's resume to the 40th floor to find Zhang Qing. He originally wanted to communicate and cooperate with Zhang Qing. Zhang Qing saw Yu Jiaen's resume and knew that she had not been hired by Fanxing Technology. After Zhang Qing bought a house for her younger brother, she didn't have much savings left, and she was about to pay the rent, so she just took this opportunity to contact Yu Jiaen and let her move into her house as soon as possible. Now she is short of money, and Yu Jiaen She lacked a place to live, so she decided to pick up Yu Jiaen immediately.

Yu Jiaen and Zhang Qing started to live together in the Fourth Ring. Although they had some unpleasant experiences, the relationship between the girls is so wonderful. They lived under the same roof, talking about their experiences in Beidiao, and looking forward to the beauty The future has long since reconciled with the past. Zhang Qing told Yu Jiaen that there are vacancies in their company's department, and if she is interested, she can go to Spectrum Marketing for an interview.


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