Yu Jiaen and Xu Yao were realizing their dreams in different places. Yu Jiaen's plan was unanimously approved and successfully won the bid. Xu Yao also gave a very good speech at the press conference, but some of the judges were optimistic about him, and some raised questions. Later, Zhao Yongping came on stage and wanted to say a few words to Xu Yao. He was zhuxi who originally organized the college student entrepreneurship competition. He was very fond of him. Fanxing had investment intentions in his project, so he decided to chat with Xu Yaodan. Finally, Xu Yao got the investment letter of intent. He couldn't wait to rush back to the company to share the good news with everyone, but he suggested that everyone not relax yet because investors will do due diligence. Su Yi knew that Xu Yao had brought out the theory of delayed gratification again. After Xu Yao finished explaining the situation, in order to thank everyone for their hard work during this period, she gave everyone a private treat, including food, drink and fun, so that everyone could play freely.

Xu Yao went to tell Yu Jiaen the good news. The two hugged happily, but Lin Li saw it and Lin Li secretly took the photo. Li Nianhuan's copywriting was requisitioned, and she earned 6,000 yuan. Yu Jiaen would also give her 2,000 yuan from the bonus. For the first time in her life, Li Nianhuan earned 8,000 yuan on her own. She was very happy and had renewed interest in life. hope.

Xu Yao took people from the company out for team building, and everyone played a game. The content was to tell the happiest thing about him recently. Xu Yao said that he was wearing a clown's red nose in the snow that day in Beijing. He hopes that everyone can cherish the present moment. Happiness does not happen at the nodes of major events, but in every little moment of life. Lin Li sent Su Yi a photo of Xu Yao and Yu Jiaen hugging each other. Su Yi looked at Xu Yao dancing happily and realized that all his happiness had nothing to do with her.

Su Yi drank too much and needed a taxi to take her home. When they got there, Su Yi used the alcohol to forcefully kiss Xu Yao. Xu Yao struggled to break away, and he could only say sorry to Su Yi. Then he got off the car and left to find Yu Jiaen, because Yu Jiaen had been staring at him until the team building was over. Su Yi cried very sadly in the car. She remembered her father's words. Since she couldn't get anyone, she had to find a way to keep the company. Xu Yao has been unable to contact Zhao Yongping recently. He was worried that something would go wrong, so he decided to go to the company in person to block him and make sure to ask the matter clearly. Zhao Yongping happened to be on a business trip, so Xu Yao shamelessly sent him to the airport. On the way, Zhao Yongping told Xu Yao that he was interested in him when investing, but there were big problems with their company's equity structure. Su Yi had more equity than Xu Yao, and her father was also an angel investor. This was quite Yu Suyi is also an angel investor to a certain extent. If so, there will be trouble in the future. Moreover, Zhao Yongping, as someone who has been there, could tell that Su Yi liked Xu Yao. He reminded Xu Yao that everything must be written in black and white to be at ease, and not to believe in any feelings, especially in matters related to interests.

Xu Yao remembered Zhao Yongping's words, and Zhao Yongping asked him to handle the company's equity issues as soon as possible. When I needed to go back to the company, I happened to see Yu Jiaen. The two of them got on the elevator together. Since they decided to reconcile, the atmosphere between the two of them was very sweet even if they didn't speak. Yu Jiaen took Li Nianhuan to do beauty treatments. She had been trying to find some part-time jobs for Li Nianhuan, but Li Nianhuan was more worried about Zhao Ang because his job search was not going well. Li Nianhuan thought about recommending him to work in Xu Yao's company.


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