Xu Yao and Hao Chenshi went to the gym together, and he borrowed some money from Hao Chenshi. Although he said he didn't care about Li Nianhuan, after all, he was the sister he had loved since childhood, and was no different from his biological sister. He was only temporarily making Li Nianhuan anxious. Do you think it's okay? The feeling of money, and finally give it to her.

Yu Jiaen, Zhang Qing and Li Nianhuan ate hot pot and drank together. Each of them at different ages had their own troubles. Some were worried about money and were under pressure from work. Did Zhang Qing tell Hao that she was going to Shanghai? Chenshi, Yu Jiaen suggested that she should say hello to Hao Chenshi in advance.

Li Nianhuan was a little drunk, so Yu Jiaen sent her home. Xu Yao brought the money he borrowed from Hao Chenshi to Li Nianhuan. In fact, they both loved Li Nianhuan very much. Yu Jiaen originally thought of giving it to her after her salary was paid. , Li Nianhuan lied that Zhao Ang was thinking of ways to raise money, and she did not tell her about Su Yi giving her money.

Hao Chenshi wanted to make a ring for Zhang Qing with his own hands. This was something Zhang Qing did not expect. Zhang Qing felt that the ring was made of silver and was inconvenient for her to wear. Hao Chenshi felt that this was what she wanted, so she could just throw it away after wearing it for a few days. . Just when Sister Liu called Zhang Qing, Hao Chen found out that Zhang Qing had decided to go to Shanghai. He was very angry. Zhang Qing didn't even consider telling him in advance. Zhang Qing felt that he was in a bad mood. Suitable for eating together.

Hao Chenshi finished the ring and went to the bar to get drunk. Xu Yao came to pick him up. Li Nianhuan plans to sublet the house they are renting now, so that they will have some money even if they don't work this month. As for the place to live, they can only go to Zhao Ang's small house first. Zhao Ang took Li Nianhuan back to his residence. As soon as the two of them had finished cleaning up, Zhao Ang's mother came to see her son with dumplings. She didn't look at Li Nianhuan at all. Zhao Ang did not tell his mother that Li Nianhuan was his girlfriend. Li Nianhuan lied that she was here to see the house. Li Nianhuan was very sad, but she had no choice but to follow Zhao Ang's wishes. For a moment, she felt that her efforts to Zhao Ang were not worth it.

Li Nianhuan went to Yu Jiaen. Yu Jiaen knew that something had happened to her. She planned to take Li Nianhuan to eat delicious food after finishing the copywriting work at hand. Li Nianhuan casually wrote two sentences of copywriting, which actually gave Yu Jiaen new ideas. She decided to let Li Nianhuan Li Nianhuan was very happy when he wrote plans. If he wrote well, he could make money. He went home and worked hard to think of copywriting. In order to apologize to her, Zhao Ang bought a large bouquet of flowers, and asked his mother for the money for the flowers.

Zhang Qing's younger brother had an accident when he got into a fight with someone else. Zhang Qing's mother wanted to keep the money for herself. Zhang Qing didn't want to take care of it, but she couldn't let it go. Finally, she negotiated terms with Lu Zijie and got a salary increase. She would also have shares in the future subsidiary. So she gave up the idea of ​​starting a business in Shanghai. Yu Jiaen and Lin Li went to Fanxing to propose a proposal, Xu Yao and Su Yi went to a financing conference, and Yu Jiaen and Xu Yao cheered each other on WeChat. Xu Yao would do the Rubik's Cube every time he was nervous, and it was the same this time when he attended the meeting. He was still spinning the Rubik's Cube until he came on stage, but when he explained it, he performed very well and did not shy away from his differences with Su Yi. Everyone present was amused. Yu Jiaen was bidding in Fanxing Company. She first explained her plan, which mainly focused on the big show of Fanxing users.


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