Yu Jiaen took away the book filled with snow. She needed to calm down. Yu Jiaen entered the house quietly, but Zhang Qing blocked her. Based on the clothes she was wearing, she could tell that she was with Xu Yao last night. Hao Chenshi went to Xu Yao's house and saw Yu Jiaen's clothes. He was happy and worried for his good brother. If Su Yi knew about it, he would be in big trouble.

Yu Jiaen and Zhang Qing were having a heart-to-heart talk at home. Zhang Qing's mother sent her the news that Zhang Qiang's wife was pregnant. Zhang Qing knew that within a week, her family would ask her for money. Yu Jiaen told Zhang Qing an incident when her mother lived here. At that time, her aunt didn't sleep until after two o'clock. She was sitting by the bay window of the living room with a pair of pink snow boots and counting the planes flying in the sky. She was waiting for Zhang Qing to pick her up after work. Because the weather forecast said it would snow, she was worried that Zhang Qing would fall while wearing high heels, so she bought a pair of snow boots in her favorite color and waited to go downstairs to pick up her daughter. Yu Jiaen didn't understand Zhang Qing's mother, whether it was love or habit. Zhang Qing told her that being busy is the real mother-daughter relationship, and they love and hate each other.

Zhao Ang spent the whole day getting drunk at the bar after being cheated. Li Nianhuan was devastated. They still had a debt of 50,000 yuan that they had not paid back. Zhao Ang saw Li Nianhuan crying and knelt in front of her with great self-blame and guilt. Li Yan called Zhang Qing on the night of the wedding, but he didn't say a word. Later, Zhang Qing heard the bride's voice on the other end of the phone and hung up. She turned on the calendar reminder and remembered that today was Li Yan's wedding day. She felt sad, but she could only digest the sadness alone.

The dispute between Yu Jiaen and Lin Li continued. They each approached Zhang Qing hoping to use their proposals. Yu Jiaen must have done it for the sake of Xu Yao and Fanxing, but Lin Li revealed what happened between herself and Su Yi. Zhang Qing understood that this was a battle for the right to speak between Su Yi and Xu Yao, and it would be difficult for them to do it if they were caught in the middle. Zhang Qing learned from Yu Jiaen that Xu Yao had invited professional marketing experts to serve as the jury, so no one's right to speak was of any use, and the plan had to speak for itself. In the end, Zhang Qing decided to let them make the two plans impeccable, and then launch both plans at the same time.

In order to help Zhao Ang repay the money, Li Nianhuan went to the company to borrow money from Xu Yao and Yu Jiaen, but Xu Yao did not allow Li Nianhuan to pay for Zhao Ang's dream again. This time Yu Jiaen felt that Xu Yao was right. Li Nianhuan saw this and left angrily. . After Yu Jiaen and Xu Yao sent Li Nianhuan away, Lu Zijie happened to pick up Dudu from school and came downstairs of the company. Dudu missed Yu Jiaen and ran towards her as soon as he saw her, without noticing the car. Yu Jiaen rushed over to protect Dudu, and later The two men protected their most important people respectively. Xu Yao stood in front of Yu Jiaen, and Lu Zijie stood in front of Dudu. Fortunately, the driver braked in time, and no one was injured, but Dudu was frightened.

Yu Jiaen suggested that Lu Zijie take Dudu home. After they left, Xu Yao took Yu Jiaen to her school. According to the old rules, the two began to compete in table tennis. Yu Jiaen was Xu Yao's loser before, and any major decision they made would be It is determined by winning or losing in the game, including returning to Chengdu to start a business. This time I lost to Yu Jiaen. The decision-making power of their relationship rests with Yu Jiaen. Yu Jiaen did not give Xu Yao the answer immediately. She wanted to wait until Fanxing's big show was finished before telling Xu Yao the answer. This time Yu Jiaen hoped that they would each win once in their careers. Xu Yao had already seen it from Yu Jiaen's answers and expressions. hope.

Li Nianhuan went to the downstairs of the company to find Xu Yao and Yu Jiaen, and met Su Yi. When Su Yi was chatting with her, she learned that Li Nianhuan wanted to borrow money. She took the initiative to transfer 50,000 yuan to Li Nianhuan, and Li Nianhuan was confused whether to accept it. She knew that Su Yi liked Xu Yao, so she didn't dare to accept the money privately. She went home to discuss the matter with Zhao Ang. Zhao Ang kept begging Li Nianhuan to accept the money first, and then he would find a job to pay it back. money. Li Nianhuan still accepted Su Yi's money for Zhao Ang.


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