Xu Yao, Yu Jiaen, Hao Chenshi, and Zhang Qing were dancing in the bar. Someone struck up a conversation with Hao Chenshi. Zhang Qing rushed over and introduced herself as Hao Chenshi's girlfriend. Hao Chenshi was very happy, and his hard pursuit finally came to fruition. Under the guidance of Yu Jiaen, Xu Yao also took the first step and dared to dance on the dance floor.

Zhao Ang was defrauded of money to attend a music festival in Europe. He was very regretful. Li Nianhuan himself was nervous and had to comfort Zhao Ang. This was all their savings, including the borrowed money. The two of them didn't know what to do for a while. In the evening, Zhao Ang took Li Nianhuan and several brothers to have dinner together. They wanted to find a solution, but the atmosphere was tense and everyone was in a low mood. The keyboard Gangzi and the drum set captain took out the money because they believed in Zhao Ang, but in the end, Zhao Ang's friend was not reliable at all. The captain didn't want to do it anymore. He and Zhao Ang started fighting, and the two of them struggled. Gangzi was They tried to persuade each other but couldn't get away from it.

Lu Zijie participated in a meeting of Zhang Qing's department, and it was revealed that Yu Jiaen and Lin Li were making plans. As a result, both of them failed and were scolded by Zhang Qing. In fact, Zhang Qing was also cultivating Yu Jiaen in this way. Lu Zijie happened to be there and could see that Yu Jiaen was actually being isolated by the rest of the team. Lu Zijie knew that both Lin Li and Yu Jiaen had their own talents. He did not criticize and only talked about the importance of teamwork. Zhang Qing went to the office to submit her resignation to Lu Zijie. Her reason was that she wanted to take a break and recruit a suitable successor as soon as possible within a month before leaving. But Lu Zijie didn't want to let her go. He hoped that she would think again, or find something to change and run before leaving. If Zhang Qing had any other needs, he would satisfy them, but Zhang Qing was not making conditions.

Xu Yao and Su Yi had a big quarrel in the office because Su Yi saw the road show manuscript written by Xu Yao and thought that he was good at making decisions and decided on the road show. In fact, Xu Yao was just smoothing out his own ideas and wanted to wait for them to be smoothed out. Later, Su Yi was called to a meeting to discuss, but the two people's values ​​were fundamentally different, so even if Hao Chenshi made peace, nothing could be changed. Su Yi also determined that Hao Chenshi was on Xu Yao's side.

Yu Jiaen worked overtime in the office at night, and Lu Zijie brought her food. He thought Yu Jiaen was angry because he didn't speak for her during the day. In fact, he didn't understand Yu Jiaen. Yu Jiaen just felt that no one among them wanted to listen to his ideas. Lu Zijie began to persuade Yu Jiaen again, telling her that in the service industry, she should not just think about winning. This would not lead the team, and would only make others think she was aggressive and make others tired. Yu Jiaen didn't say much and left after get off work without eating. She arrived at the rooftop and found that Xu Yao was also here. Snow was falling in the sky. Xu Yao remembered the snow that he had used a notebook to pick up for Yu Jiaen. Now the two of them finally had the opportunity to see the snow together. The two had a romantic kiss in the snow. Later, Xu Yao took Yu Jiaen home and spent a wonderful night. When she woke up the next day, Xu Yao prepared breakfast and washed clothes for Yu Jiaen. Yu Jiaen saw Xu Yao's previous mobile phone and remembered what happened. She still couldn't act like nothing happened. She and Xu Jiaen spent just one night together. Yao reconciled, so she left without breakfast. Xu Yao hid in the toilet and listened to the noise outside. After hearing the sound of the door closing, he came out and saw the untouched breakfast, and felt a little sad.


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