Yu Jiaen wanted to eat pancakes, Xu Yao was very bold and asked for a luxury set meal, and then Xu Yao remembered the luxury restaurant they wanted to eat at the beginning, after paying the price, the pancakes were no longer available, so he dragged Yu Jiaen into a taxi. Can't afford it, now that Xu Yao has the conditions, he wants to make up for the regret at the beginning, but the restaurant has moved away long ago, and the two of them went to the convenience store to eat instant noodles. The tacit understanding between the two people for many years, many times the inspiration ideas are the same, Xu Yao wants to use the ordinary woman he met today as the protagonist of the starry story, such a person is more convincing, and can attract target users, Yu Jiaen very much agree. At the same time, Su Yi met Lin Li secretly, but she still couldn't maintain goodwill towards Yu Jiaen. She knew that Lin Li was dissatisfied with Yu Jiaen's promotion, so she joined forces with Lin Li to deal with Yu Jiaen in private. The two of them have the same planning idea, they want to use the form of a show, let famous people help out, and promote the Fanxing brand.

Yu Jiaen organized a group meeting, Lin Li was late on purpose, and deliberately suppressed Yu Jiaen when her rank was one level higher, and Yu Jiaen needed to invite her in person. Yu Jiaen explained her thoughts at the meeting. This time she wants to use Fanxing users as the protagonists of the story, which is more convincing than traffic stars. The theme of the big show is that your efforts are good enough, combined with the three keywords of real and touching resonance, to arouse the resonance of users. But Lin Li disagreed with her plan. There were five people in the group, and only Xiaomi was on Yu Jiaen's side. In the end, she still had to follow the direction Lin Li decided. Yu Jiaen is not a husband and wife, and thinks that this kind of marketing is only done by Party A with money, and it is not a public relations company's ability at all, so she decided that the two of them will take the lead in making a proposal and submit it anonymously. Whoever wins the bid will follow their direction. Do it, if Lin Li's plan wins the bid, then she will not be the deputy director, and she will listen to Lin Li's arrangement honestly. Before the plan came out, Zhang Qing kept it a secret, and Lin Li accepted Yu Jiaen's challenge.

Lin Li secretly told Su Yi about this. Su Yi was very happy to hear that once Yu Jiaen's plan failed to win the bid, she would automatically withdraw from Fanxing's project and resign from the position of deputy director. She would find a way to make Lin Li's plan win the bid. Xu Yao also kept a hand. He was worried that someone would wear small shoes for Yu Jiaen, so he specially asked marketing experts to vote, which was fair and just.

Zhang Qing went to Shanghai on a business trip and met Li Yan again. She didn't know that Li Yan was going to get married next week. Zhang Qing was stunned for a moment, then quickly adjusted his mood and wished Li Yan to find the right person. Li Yan connoted Zhang Qing, as long as he is not a person who is playing with emotions, he is the right person. Zhang Qing also went to Shanghai this time to meet Liu Jie who wanted to help her start a business, but only with shares and no basic salary, and profit is not a recent thing, Zhang Qing still hopes to have basic living security, even if only the current salary Half is fine too. But Sister Liu needs to consider the overall situation. None of the partners are paid, and it is unreasonable to pay her a salary alone, so Zhang Qing decided to think about it again.

Xu Yao has been under a lot of pressure recently. He had nightmares and failed to start his own business again. After waking up, he was in a bad state and walked out of the company alone. Seeing him like this, Su Yi was very worried, so she told Hao Chenshi to ask him to find Xu Yao. Xu Yao went out of the company to Li Nianhuan's house, and it happened that Zhao Ang's band was rehearsing at Li Nianhuan's house. Seeing them like this, Xu Yao was very angry and told them. Li Nianhuan cleverly made a video call to Yu Jiaen, but Xu Yao saw Lu Zijie in the video, and his jealous mood became even worse. Yu Jiaen found that Xu Yao was in a bad mood, and hurried to Li Nianhuan's house with Lu Zijie and Dudu Gaobei. It happened that Zhang Qing brought Hao Chenshi to the gate of her community. Zhang Qing invited everyone to go to dance clubs to release the pressure.


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