Hao Chenshi was still on the side with Xu Yao, he wasn't stupid for nothing, knowing that Su Yi's confession was rejected this time, he went back to Shanghai and came back with money, it seems that the Su family's father and daughter are not simple. In front of Su Yi, he told her that Xu Yao was thinking about her and Mr. Su, and that accepting this investment would be a luxury. Xu Yao didn't want Mr. Su to take such a big risk.

Li Nianhuan suddenly felt sad, she was worried that Zhao Ang and her being together was just a whim, and their future was too slim. Li Nianhuan is about to be 30 years old and has become an unemployed North drifter. He is still in a relationship with a boy younger than himself. Thinking of her makes him feel sad. Zhao Ang is from Beijing. He thinks that if Li Nianhuan agrees, he will get married so that she is not a North drifter. up. After Zhao Ang coaxed a few words, Li Nianhuan was happy, and they had breakfast together.

Yu Jiaen went to discuss the plan with Hao Chenshi and Su Yi, but Su Yi lost her composure, especially when she knew that Yu Jiaen's idea of ​​Fanxing's positioning was the same as Xu Yao's, she felt that the two of them had a lot of discussions in private, no matter how Yu Jiaen explained, Su Yi didn't listen, and Hao Chenshi saw that the situation was not good, so he immediately contacted Xu Yao on WeChat and asked him to come to the rescue. Xu Yao appeared very serious. He knew that Su Yi was still aiming at Yu Jiaen, but this was really unreasonable. They finally decided to resolve their internal differences first, and then ask Yu Jiaen for a meeting.

Hao Chenshi thought that what Yu Jiaen said was right, he should adjust his position and only serve white-collar workers, as their needs were greater. Xu Yao and Hao Chenshi had the same idea, he contacted Yu Jiaen privately, and implemented the plan according to the position they had communicated. Li Nianhuan is worried about work, but she has no work experience, and it is even more difficult to find a job in Beijing. Yu Jiaen knew that Xu Wensong gave Li Nianhuan 100,000 yuan in alimony, so there must be a reason for her to be anxious to find a job now. Sure enough, Li Nianhuan told the truth, she lent 100,000 yuan to Zhao Ang. Zhao Ang was going to participate in the European music festival, and he needed to pay to enter, but Zhao Ang did not have that much money, so he gave him the money up.

Yu Jiaen was very angry when she found out, Li Nianhuan was too innocent, how could she take out all her savings, but the matter has come to this point, it is useless for her to scold her. At that time, many people advised her not to go back to Chengdu to start a business with Xu Yao, but Yu Jiaen still had no hesitation, so she could understand Li Nianhuan, the money was spent, and Yu Jiaen decided to help her with her resume to find a job.

Zhao Ang and Li Nianhuan are immersed in the sweet daily relationship of the young couple, which is a beauty that Li Nianhuan did not feel in the previous marriage. Seeing their happy appearance, Yu Jiaen is happy for Li Nianhuan. On the weekend, Yu Jiaen and Neiji made an appointment to meet. Xu Yao knew that Yu Jiaen was the target user of Fanxing, so he wanted to see the lives of the target users. Yu Jiaen brought Xu Yao to the bus station, this is the place where you can best see the life of ordinary white-collar workers. This trip was not in vain. They saw a couple arguing. The reason was that the woman had to return to the workplace and spent 3,000 yuan on clothes. She just wanted to make herself more confident, but the husband didn't understand. Yu Jiaen and Xu Yao seized the opportunity and gave the lady a one-month Fanxing membership for free, asking her to rent clothes on the platform, and Fanxing's staff would need feedback on the results after use. And energy is also very valuable.


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