Xu Yao and Yu Jiaen were decorating the room for Li Nianhuan. Yu Jiaen accidentally injured his hand while peeling potatoes while preparing cooking. Xu Yao was looking for a band-aid and found a clown's headgear. Yu Jiaen lied that he was under too much pressure. The psychiatrist said Suggested way to decompress. Xu Yao knew from Hao Chenshi that Yu Jiaen saw the medicine he was taking, and he guessed that Yu Jiaen prepared it for himself, so he pretended to find it interesting and decided to play with Yu Jiaen. Yu Jiaen painted clown makeup for Xu Yao, put on a headgear, followed the movements of the clown in the video with music, Xu Yao started to dance, and finally he remembered how he was misunderstood by his classmate’s mother for stealing a mobile phone when he was a child, and his father bowed and apologized to others in a humble manner, Xu Yao Yao saw it outside the office, but his father told him that his parents had forgiven him, but he would always remember the way his classmate's mother pointed at his father's nose and scolded him for being poor, so since then he has determined to earn a lot of money . Seeing Xu Yao buried his head in tears on the ground, Yu Jiaen was very distressed.

Li Nianhuan invited Zhang Qing and Hao Chenshi to warm the house together. Hao Chenshi saw Zhang Qing and asked her why she ignored him. No matter how hard Zhang Qing tried to avoid him. Xu Yao took advantage of Hao Chenshi and Li Nianhuan and hurriedly washed off his makeup before they arrived home, but he was very happy, and his relationship with Yu Jiaen was getting closer.

Zhao Ang and Li Nianhuan had officially dated, but Xu Yao didn't like Zhao Ang, he was worried that Li Nianhuan would be hurt. As the head of the family, he asked about Zhao Ang's basic situation. Fortunately, Yu Jiaen was there to signal him to shut up. After dinner, the 6 people chatted and laughed together, and the atmosphere was very good. Hao Chenshi took this opportunity to tell a very cold joke to make Zhang Qing happy, but Zhang Qing didn't want to talk to him at all, and used the excuse that he had to leave beforehand. Hao Chenshi Chase him out and apologize to her, he shouldn't have invited Zhang Qing's mother to dinner privately, but as for the dowry, if Zhang Qing asked for it, he would give it immediately, but he would not give it to her family. Zhang Qing was moved by his words, when she kept looking at Hao Chen from the rearview mirror of the car, she felt for the first time that Hao Chen seemed to be fooling around, but he actually understood himself quite well.

Xu Yao warned Zhao Ang not to stay overnight. They are developing too fast now, and Li Nianhuan is still a few years older than Zhao Ang. Li Nianhuan asked Yu Jiaen to "rescue" Zhao Ang. Yu Jiaen felt that they had settled down in Beijing, and it was time to think about the future But she still rescued Zhao Ang. The two left Li Nianhuan's house back and forth. Xu Yao said that she didn't hide when he wanted to kiss Yu Jiaen in the afternoon, so he wanted to make sure that Yu Jiaen still had himself in his heart. Yu Jiaen didn't want to continue to mess up. It is best to be friends with each other. If so, forget it.

Su Yi's temperament changed drastically when he returned to Beijing, not only for Xu Yao, but also for Yu Jiaen. The three of them took the same elevator to work. Su Yi kept his father's words in mind and took the initiative to show kindness to Yu Jiaen, and also hoped that if they had an annual marketing plan You can talk to the company. Later, Xu Yao saw the advertisement of Weiyipai in the elevator. After Yu Jiaen analyzed it, they realized that the elevator advertisement must be inferior to Weiyipai.

Su Yi saw Yu Jiaen's marketing plan and thought it was very good. He wanted to have an interview. Hao Chenshi went to Zhang Qing, but Zhang Qing told Hao Chenshi that Yu Jiaen was solely responsible for the matter, and he only needed to go to Yu Jiaen. The marketing operation of Weiyipai is indeed a big impact on Fanxing. Now Xu Yao wants to build a logistics system, so there is not much money spent on marketing. Su Yi told Xu Yao's father that he decided to invest more, but Xu Yao refused. He has to think about it from a long-term perspective. If he accepts the old Mr. Su's money, he can suspend the urgent need, but if the combined shares of the old Mr. Su and Su Yi account for 15%, then they are absolutely controlling, and there will be endless troubles , so Xu Yao will not do this. Hao Chenshi thought that Xu Yao was worried about Su Yi's feelings, but it turned out that he underestimated Xu Yao.


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