Xu Yao is not partial to Yu Jiaen, he considers it from the perspective of company operation, Su Yi is suppressing Hao Chenshi, marketing is the department Hao Chenshi is in charge of, it is inappropriate for Su Yi to do this, this is the precursor of the partner's disintegration, Hao Chenshi listened Hearing their quarrel, he listened outside the door, found an opportunity to open the door and call Xu Yao away. Su Yi also said what was in her heart, she didn't care which company did the marketing, what she cared about was Yu Jiaen. In fact, Xu Yao already knew that Su Yi liked her, because since she knew about her relationship with Yu Jiaen, her attitude towards Yu Jiaen had changed, and Xu Yao saw it and knew it well. But Xu Yao doesn't like Su Yi and just regards her as a partner.

Su Yi didn't intend to bear it anymore, she took the initiative to find Xu Yao to confess, but Xu Yao declined her confession, he just regarded Su Yi as a partner, and hoped that they could have success in their careers. After being rejected, Su Yi was in a bad mood and returned to Shanghai. Su's father knew why she came home, so he had a heart-to-heart talk with his daughter. He told Su Yi how to get along with Xu Yao in the future. As a man, he could understand Xu Yao's guilt towards Yu Jiaen, which just proved that he was a He is a responsible person, so Su's father is very optimistic about Xu Yao. If he is not a responsible person, he will not invest 8 million in him for his daughter's love. Su's father taught Su Yi not to target Yu Jiaen, which would only make Xu Yao more and more disgusted, but he reminded Su Yi to be prepared, not to lose the company and hurt his heart.

Li Nianhuan is going to Beijing soon, Xu Yao helped her find a house in the same community as her own, Li Nianhuan's mother paid her the rent, Li Nianhuan and Yu Jiaen were in a video call, just happened to be Li Nianhuan's mother came in, she hoped that Yu Jiaen could take care of Li Nianhuan more, and she In deliberately matching Yu Jiaen and Xu Yao, she deliberately asked Yu Jiaen to help Li Nianhuan buy some household items, just to give Xu Yao a chance to meet her. Li Nianhuan saw what her mother was thinking, but she didn't say anything.

Zhang Qing's mother saw that the kitchen facilities in Zhang Qing's house were very useful, and wanted her to buy them for Zhang Qiang, and kept complaining about Hao Chen, thinking that this person was not as reliable as Li Yan. Zhang Qing asked a question, so she purposely made a cliché. Sure enough, she knew that her mother asked Hao Chen for a bride price. She told Zhang Qiang in a rage that she should not get married if she had no ability. She would never get a penny from herself in the future. Put on clothes and go to the company to work overtime.

Yu Jiaen went to the mall to look at the furniture, she saw the sofa, and remembered the scene when she went shopping with Xu Yao to buy furniture, Xu Yao just saw Yu Jiaen in a daze, went up to her and asked her if she thought of something, Yu Jiaen pulled her thoughts, did not What to say, then she received a call from Lu Zijie, Lu Zijie was on a business trip in Hangzhou, Dudu fell at home and kept crying, he asked Yu Jiaen to visit Dudu at home and take her to the hospital, Xu Yao knew that Yu Jiaen was going to Lu Zijie At home, she was very jealous, and felt that she was a little out of control, and rushed after other people got divorced. Yu Jiaen was very angry, thinking that he had no position to take care of her own affairs.

At home, as soon as Dudu saw Yu Jiaen, he hugged her and called her mother. This surprised Yu Jiaen, but he was also very happy that Dudu liked him. Zhang Qing sent her mother to the station. She is not a cold-blooded person. She knew that she was too busy to spend time with her mother during this time, so she gave her mother a sum of money and hoped that she and her father would spend it instead of giving it to Zhang Qiang. Zhang Qiang is already an adult. As a human being, he has to rely on his own hands to live. Mother also knew that it was not easy for Zhang Qing in Beijing, so she decided not to bother Zhang Qing about Zhang Qiang's affairs, but to find a way with her wife.


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