Yu Jiaen was arranged to go on a blind date, and the other party was also someone who had the same experience as her, that is, she was dumped before marriage. As an "experienced person" Yu Jiaen is quite experienced, she persuaded the other party in a few words, but she was dumped. Fortunately, she was dumped before marriage, otherwise she would get his house.

Yu Jiaen had dinner with her best friend Li Nianhuan. Li Nianhuan didn't want Yu Jiaen to be influenced by Xu Yao, and hoped that she could get back her former self. Yu Jiaen witnessed Li Nianhuan's husband, Xu Wensong, having an affair with his company's accountant. They drank the same cup of milk tea. In order to accompany the accountant, he did not accompany Li Nianhuan to the maternity checkup, and even lied that he was on a business trip. Yu Jiaen deliberately threw the milk tea in Xu Wensong's hand next to the accountant Xiao Li's shoes, implying that she should not touch other people's things.

Yu Jiaen met Xu Yao again on the plane, and they returned to Beijing on the same flight. As a result, when she contacted the driver in the garage, Xu Yao’s partner, Su Yi, accidentally drove the door and knocked down the phone. The screen of the phone was broken. Just when Xu Yao appeared and picked up the phone, Yu Jiaen picked up the phone and left without saying a word. up. After arriving in Beijing, Li Nianhuan contacted Yu Jiaen, and Yu Jiaen told Li Nianhuan that she saw Xu Wensong and other girls drinking the same drink with the same straw at the airport, hoping that she would be more careful. These years, they have avoided talking about Xu Wensong, because they would quarrel if they talked about this man, but Yu Jiaen really didn't want Li Nianhuan to end up with nothing. She had no job, friends, and dreams for Xu Wensong. Xu Wensong's nanny had to clean up at home when she was pregnant. Li Nianhuan was stubborn and still believed in Xu Wensong.

Yu Jiaen's landlord had to "drive her away" because her son was going to get married. If she didn't move, the rent would increase. Yu Jiaen had no choice but to look at the house first, but the rent was too expensive, which made her very distressed. The good news is that she got an interview Opportunity, but the interviewing hr was worried because she was still unmarried at the age of 30. In addition, Yu Jiaen was very resistant to answering her future relationship plans, so hr rejected Yu Jiaen on this ground. The company either despises her inexperience or thinks she is not suitable for her age.

Yu Jiaen saw someone rent out the second bedroom in the circle of friends. She also prepared a bouquet of flowers to see the house. Unexpectedly, it was Zhang Qing, her former leader, who wanted to rent out the house. She wouldn't rent her room either, so she turned around and planned to leave. Zhang Qing is a sober woman. She told Yu Jiaen not to be too aggressive sometimes, so that no one will feel distressed, and it is not shameful to learn to surrender properly. Yu Jiaen was still very stubborn. She didn't listen to Zhang Qing's persuasion, and left with the flowers in her arms. When she went out, she threw the flowers into the trash can, but she was stabbed and hurt her hand. She couldn't help it anymore, and cried when she saw her bleeding fingers stand up.

Yu Jiaen's landlord brought a decoration team to the house to look at the house. Yu Jiaen was very angry, but she didn't have to stay here. She decided to move as soon as possible and asked the landlord to call her this month's rent and deposit. The two reached an agreement. Unlike Yu Jiaen, Xu Yaoxin's company opened in Fanxing and became the boss. The two lived completely different lives.

Xu Yao found Yu Jiaen's phone number from his old cell phone, and he called Yu Jiaen to meet him at the old place at eight o'clock in the evening. As soon as he hung up the phone, Yu Jiaen received an interview invitation from Fanxing HR.

Xu Yao knew that Fanxing's investor was Su Yi's father, Su Xianshan, and he asked Su Yi to arrange a meeting with Su Xianshan. Xu Yao thanked Su Xianshan for his investment, but his phone was out of battery, so he couldn't check the time. So he failed to attend the appointment on time, and Yu Jiaen didn't wait for him, leaving behind the unwritten notebook he gave him back then and left.


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