Zhang Qing learned from the marketing account that the behind-the-scenes manipulator is the Weiyi faction, and the An An incident was just an accident. Now Yu Jiaen finally knows what Zhang Qing said at the beginning, things under the table are ugly, and she has used the same sentence now. Disgraceful means to fight back against An An, but she does not think it is correct, so she hopes that Zhang Qing will give up suing An An. Zhang Qing asked Yu Jiaen to apologize to Xiaomi on his behalf. Years of experience in the workplace made Zhang Qing accustomed to minimizing losses.

The reversal of the An'an incident was only a temporary turning point. In the evening, Xu Yao, Hao Chenshi and Zhang Qing and Yu Jiaen had a meeting. Zhang Qing told Xu Yao about the Weiyi faction. Renting clothes has long been popular abroad, and they are also preparing to enter the Chinese market. , so they had long listed Fanxing as a competitor, so this time it was a precise strike.

The second round of public relations has begun. Their counterattack is to let women understand that renting clothes is also a form of freedom to dress. This is not objectifying women, but advocating women to be their own managers. The four of them worked overtime until late at night and finally prepared a counterattack plan. Zhang Qing was going to sleep until 12 o'clock and check the results after waking up. This was the moment to decide their "life and death".

In one day, Fanxing completely reversed the unfavorable situation. Most of the netizens supported Fanxing. Even Su Yi’s father praised Yu Jiaen for having two talents. He also guessed that Yu Jiaen was Xu Yao’s ex-girlfriend. He felt that this person is not simple. , this sentence makes Su Yi a little unhappy, which means that she has a strong opponent.

Yu Jiaen had dinner with Lu Zijie. She was very grateful for Lu Zijie's guidance and help when dealing with the Fanxing incident, but Lu Zijie only thought that he had done what he should do. If Yu Jiaen felt sorry, he hoped that Yu Jiaen could teach him to catch dolls. Lu Zijie took home the doll for his daughter, the child liked it very much, but Lu Zijie lied that he caught it by himself, but his daughter kept pestering his father to grab the doll for him. Yu Jiaen promised to teach Lu Zijie.

Fanxing has been established for one year, and for the first time, more than 7 million cash flow has been entered into the account. Xu Yao celebrated with his colleagues in the company and wanted to share the good news with Yu Jiaen himself. However, Yu Jiaen was having dinner with Lu Zijie and forgot to reply to his message. Xu Yao went downstairs to Yu Jiaen's house to wait, but saw a heart-wrenching scene. Yu Jiaen was sent home by Lu Zijie, and also accepted a bouquet of flowers from him. Yu Jiaen came home and saw Xu Yao's missed call, she dialed Xu Yao's number, but acted very strange, Xu Yao tried hard to get in touch with each other, but in the end she could only get a very official and cold reply from Yu Jiaen .

After Zhao Ang and Li Nianhuan got in touch, the relationship between the two became better and better. Zhao Ang went to Chengdu and gave Li Nianhuan a surprise. Li Nianhuan took Zhao Ang to the places he often likes to go, and told his own story. Li Nianhuan saw other young couples making love together and was very envious. Hearing what she said, Zhao Ang finally plucked up the courage to confess to her. Li Nianhuan was moved by Zhao Ang, and she also felt the feeling of her heart beating. Zhao Ang hoped that Li Nianhuan could go to Beijing with him, and Li Nianhuan agreed.

Zhang Qing's mother came to Beijing to see her, in fact, because she was angry with her son and daughter-in-law at home. At this time, she thought of her daughter. Zhang Qing told her mother not to call her real name Zhang Chunfen in the future. Zhang Qing's mother just learned that her daughter made decisions without authorization. After changing her name, she began to educate Zhang Qing.


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