Li Nianhuan had a miscarriage, but fortunately she was fine, but Xu Wensong only cared about the child and didn't care about Li Nianhuan's physical condition at all. Yu Jiaen asked for leave to go back to Chengdu. Su Yi happened to have a chance to replace her, so she went to find Lu Zijie in person and decided to replace the project executive with Lin Li. She deliberately kept Lu Zijie on time. Her father's company was looking for a public relations company. Lu Zijie weighed the pros and cons Later, I felt that replacing Yu Jiaen was not a bad thing. After Hao Chenshi knew the news, he quickly told Zhang Qing. Zhang Qing hurried to Lu Zijie's office, but it was too late, and she was powerless to recover from the certainty.

Yu Jiaen and Xu Yao rushed to the hospital to visit Li Nianhuan, accompanied by Yu Jiaen, Li Nianhuan closed his eyes and went to sleep. As a result, Zhang Qing's parents didn't remember Zhang Qing's birthday, and his younger brother called to ask for money to decorate the new house. Zhang Qing was very sad and hung up the phone, planning to go to Hao Chenshi's drinking invitation. Hao Chenshi was seriously pursuing Zhang Qing, and Zhang Qing also felt it. Hao Chenshi didn't know that today was Zhang Qing's birthday, so he didn't have time to prepare a gift, but he drew the two of them on the napkin, and Zhang Qing could hold this at any time In exchange for what she wanted, Zhang Qing felt empty words, so he took out lipstick from his bag and gave Hao Chenshi to apply it on his mouth, and then "stamped" it on a tissue. The two of them drank too much and ended up staying in a hotel. When they woke up the next day, Zhang Qing didn't expect to be able to sleep with Hao Chenshi. She told Hao Chenshi that last night was a drunken accident. Don't get me wrong.

Li Nianhuan's mother asked Xu Yao to send Yu Jiaen home, and she happened to bring something for Wang Ma to take a look. After Wang Ma got the news, she went to the vegetable market early in the morning to buy vegetables. As an elder, Wang Ma would not treat Xu Yao Well, she called him back home, but Wang Ma also had selfish intentions, she wanted to ask Xu Yao why he left Yu Jiaen behind and disappeared without even saying hello. Xu Yao inadvertently told about the fact that Wang Ma went to him and asked him and Yu Jiaen to get the certificate quickly. Yu Jiaen didn't know about this matter. After Xu Yao left, Yu Jiaen asked her mother what was going on, and whether she had noticed their past I can't go down.

There is no better knowing daughter than mother, Wang Ma is a woman who loves her dearly, but she is also a bystander, watching Yu Jiaen treat Xu Yao's child, she is worried that it will affect their future, so she wants them to get the certificate first. Yu Jiaen and her mother will never be able to talk together, she feels that her mother will always attribute the problem to herself. Yu Jiaen asked if her mother's divorce was also her problem. Wang Ma hardly told Yu Jiaen about her divorce. Now that the child is older, she thinks she can talk about it, and she doesn't want there to be a gap between them. Wang Ma is also a difficult woman, because Yu Jiaen's father doesn't earn money, but she just wants to work hard to make her family live a good life. She works two jobs a day, and she has to be humble and take care of her husband's emotions when she gets home. As a result, her mother-in-law feels that It was her problem that made her son lose face, it was her love of comparison, she was too strong. It was the first time Yu Jiaen learned about her mother's experience, and she also felt sorry for her mother.

Hao Chenshi sent a large bouquet of roses to Zhang Qing's company in a very high-profile manner. Zhang Qing asked the front desk to throw it away, and then called Hao Chenshi in the office. Hao Chenshi decided to fight against Zhang Qing. Confidence, no matter what kind of emotional killer Zhang Qing is, he has the confidence to catch her.


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