Xu Yao rescued Yu Jiaen, called Yu Jiaen his wife in front of many people, and hugged her into his arms. Amy hurried upstairs to inform Lu Zijie. Lu Zijie went downstairs and took his wife away. During the process, she was very sad, but she had no position to question Xu Yao. Su Yi didn't want to communicate with Xu Yao here, the two of them returned to the company to start communicating about this matter. When Yu Jiaen came to the company, her colleagues pointed at her. Fortunately, Zhang Qing came out to rescue her. Yu Jiaen had not been in the company for a long time. Lu Zijie and his wife have been separated for more than a year. This matter has nothing to do with Yu Jiaen.

Lu Zijie is also a responsible person. He took the initiative to apologize to Yu Jiaen. If she needed it, he would write an apology letter and let the property publicize it to restore her innocence. Yu Jiaen thinks it is not necessary, just explain the misunderstanding clearly. Now Lin Li is upset again. Yu Jiaen has one hand with Lu Zijie and the other with Xu Yao. Party A and Party B understand. After hearing Lin Li's words, Yu Jiaen told Lin Li face to face that he has someone to rely on now, and in the future he will rely on his ability to speak. Lin Li was stunned Speechless, he left in despair.

Yu Jiaen asked Xu Yao to meet and she wanted to make it clear to Xu Yao. In the evening, Yu Jiaen went to Xu Yao's place. He hoped that Xu Yao would not cross the line in the future. The two began to argue about who loved the other more. Talking about the past when they were in love, Xu Yao finally took out his previous mobile phone, which contained text messages from Yu Jiaen begging him to go back. He thought it would prove that Yu Jiaen loved him more, but he didn't expect to play off, Yu Jiaen was very Sad, Xu Yao knew how she let go of her dignity. She thought that Xu Yao would feel distressed after reading these messages and would come back to find her. She didn't expect him to remain indifferent and disappear for so many years. Xu Yao didn't come to explain why he saw it later. About the text message, Yu Jiaen left angrily.

The wedding anniversary of Li Nianhuan and Xu Wensong is approaching. Xu Wensong specially bought her a new mobile phone, but Li Nianhuan used to log in with Xu Wensong's account. On the wedding anniversary, Li Nianhuan made a phone call on purpose. At this time, Xu Wensong and Xiao Li were together. Let's go on like this. She dressed up and went to the hotel to find Xu Wensong. According to the hotel regulations, the privacy of guests cannot be disclosed, so she lied that she was Xu Wensong's cousin. Xu Wensong had undergone heart bypass surgery. I can't get in touch now. If Xu Wensong died of a myocardial infarction in the hotel, it would not be good for the hotel. The front desk thought it made sense, so after Li Nianhuan provided Xu Wensong's ID number, he checked Xu Wensong's room number for her. When she got to the room, she saw the picture she expected and took a photo. She was calm and decided to divorce Xu Wensong. Carefully pushing Li Nianhuan down the stairs, he saw that Li Nianhuan was bleeding and was too scared to move.

Yu Jiaen asked Su Yi to meet at the coffee shop. She just wanted to explain the matter clearly so as not to affect the cooperation. Hao Chenshi saw this scene and thought that there would be a quarrel between them, so he quickly notified Xu Yao. Xu Yao came down quickly. It was a false alarm, and the two were peaceful. During the conversation, both Xu Yao and Yu Jiaen received photos from Li Nianhuan, but no one answered the phone calls. Later, Xu Yao learned from Li Nianhuan's parents that Li Nianhuan had been sent to the hospital for emergency treatment. Yu Jiaen wanted to rush back to Chengdu to accompany Li Nianhuan. Xu Yao asked her to go back to the company and ask Zhang Qing for leave, and then he booked a flight back to Chengdu as soon as possible.


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