Yu Jiaen filmed the advertisement on the spot, and quickly entered the state, and was well received by the director. Lu Zijie knew that she was working so hard, so he asked Zhang Qing to make her a regular in advance. Zhang Qing was very surprised. This was the first time Lu Zijie made such a request. Zhang Qing, Lu Zijie and Lin Li went to the filming site, and happened to meet Xu Yao downstairs in the company. The rivals were jealous when they met. Xu Yao deliberately mentioned the affairs of Lu Zijie's family. Zhang Qing noticed something strange, and quickly interrupted Xu Yao's words. Lu Zijie and his wife have been separated for more than a year, and the divorce has not yet been filed. The reason is that his wife thinks he is cheating. Zhang Qing joked that he should keep a distance from him, otherwise he will be misunderstood by his sister-in-law. Lu Zijie told her that if the two of them have an affair Something has happened a long time ago, but Lin Li remembered this sentence. She deliberately photographed Lu Zijie handing fruit to Yu Jiaen at the shooting scene, thinking of blaming Yu Jiaen.

Xu Yao knew that Yu Jiaen was allergic to kiwi fruit, and seeing Lu Zijie give her the kiwi fruit, he knew that according to Yu Jiaen's character, he would eat it reluctantly, and he would definitely feel uncomfortable, so Xu Yao was not polite and took away two boxes of fruit. Lin Li took the opportunity to go to the bathroom and sent the photo she just took to her sister-in-law, telling her that Lu Zijie and Yu Jiaen were the closest.

Yu Jiaen kept the shooting time very tight. They kept filming until four o'clock in the morning. Yu Jiaen didn't eat or drink all day, and after the filming ended, he had a fever and passed out. Xu Yao was so anxious that he hurriedly asked Hao Chenshi to drive over , sending Yu Jiaen to the hospital, Xiaomi watched from the side, thinking that the current Party A is too good. When they arrived at the hospital, Xu Yao stayed with Yu Jiaen the whole time.

Su Yi saw the photos at the scene and felt that the relationship between Xu Yao and Yu Jiaen was unusual. She looked at the photo repeatedly and saw Xu Yao holding Yu Jiaen's hand, and she called when she needed it, and she was still taking care of Yu Jiaen in the hospital The more Su Yi thought about it, the more he felt something was wrong, so he found Hao Chenshi and wanted to get some news from him.

Sure enough, Su Yi learned from Hao Chenshi that Yu Jiaen was Xu Yao's ex. Hao Chenshi immediately contacted Xu Yao, first to remind him, and second, to hope that Su Yi would ask him if he still likes Yu Jiaen. Sometimes, it can be denied that the company is in the entrepreneurial stage, and the partners cannot break up. Just when Xu Yao was about to get on the elevator, he ran into Zhang Qing who came out of the elevator. Zhang Qing kindly reminded him that he hoped that he could keep a good sense of proportion and have a sense of boundaries when getting along with Yu Jiaen, otherwise some of his unconscious actions would be It will bring Yu Jiaen some trouble.

Su Yi suddenly changed her mind. When she went to Hao Chen, she hoped to keep her knowledge of the relationship between Xu Yao and Yu Jiaen a secret for the time being. If so, they would keep their distance. Su Yi likes Xu Yao, and Yu Jiaen has passed away. She doesn't mind. , what she wants is a necessary future, so when the time is right, she will confess to Xu Yao.

Xu Yao extended Yu Jiaen's Fanxing platform membership to a permanent one. He told Yu Jiaen that this was Party A's reward for her. After all, she had been bothering about Fanxing during this period of time. Yu Jiaen still hoped that Xu Yao could have a sense of boundaries and return one yard at a time. One yard, work and personal relationship matters should not be mixed together. Lu Zijie's wife went downstairs to block Yu Jiaen from the company, and yelled at her as a mistress in front of everyone. Yu Jiaen was at a loss, not knowing why she said this.


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