Li Nianhuan went to the hospital for a prenatal checkup by himself, but was stopped by Xiao Li. Xiao Li told Li Nianhuan that he still had contact with Xu Wensong. Although she left Xu Wensong's company, it was Xu Wensong who arranged her to work in a friend's company and got a salary increase. Xu Wensong This marriage was endured only for the sake of the child in Li Nianhuan's womb. Li Nianhuan ignored Xiao Li at all, she ran to the bathroom to cry when she returned to her mother’s house, and when she didn’t know what to do, she would look for Yu Jiaen. Yu Jiaen was very worried when she received Li Nianhuan’s WeChat message, and sneaked to the door to call her during working hours. In fact, Li Nianhuan knows that Xu Wensong and Xiao Li are still in touch. She is really not angry, because she doesn't love Xu Wensong now, it's just for the sake of the child. She doesn't want the child to suffer with her. Yu Jiaen hopes that Li Nianhuan will seriously consider the divorce. They raised them together, but she didn't want Li Nianhuan to live like this for the rest of his life.

Lu Zijie heard Yu Jiaen calling, and he told Yu Jiaen that raising a child is difficult, don't promise others casually, Yu Jiaen feels that people's time, energy and money are used in life, and they always have to live. Yu Jiaen took Amy to Fanxing for a meeting. Su Yi saw at a glance that she was wearing clothes rented from the Fanxing platform. Su Yi told her that this was a niche designer brand, and she liked it very much, so she bought it separately. One thing, it seems that the two of them have the same aesthetics, Hao Chenshi glanced at Xu Yao, Xu Yao avoided his eyes and kicked him. After discussing the script of the commercial shooting at this meeting, Su Yi and Hao Chenshi felt that Yu Jiaen could be the heroine, but Xu Yao was very protective of Yu Jiaen and thought it was inappropriate.

Hao Chenshi really fell in love with Zhang Qing this time. He asked Yu Jiaen if Zhang Qing was single, and if it wasn't for how he ignored him, Yu Jiaen didn't say anything, reminding him that Zhang Qing was not easy to chase. Hao Chenshi won't back down because of this, he took the initiative to invite Zhang Qing to dinner, in fact, he has a very good personality, Zhang Qing will always be very happy getting along with him.

Yu Jiaen knew that Xu Yao's father wanted a group photo of the three of them very much, so she specially asked her mother to send it over. Yu Jiaen's mother also knew about Xu Yao's debtors. She felt that it was not easy for Xu Yao these years. Those unhappiness have passed, and since he wants the photo, I will give it to him as a souvenir. Old Xu told Xu Yao about this, and asked Xu Yao to thank Yu Jiaen. It happened that Xu Yao met Yu Jiaen who was working overtime and wanted to buy coffee, but the coffee shop downstairs was closed, so Xu Yao took her out to buy coffee, and it happened that he was going to work overtime too, so he might not be able to survive without coffee.

When the two came back from buying coffee, they were met by Lin Li. Yu Jiaen immediately explained that they met while buying coffee. Yu Jiaen's mother called because she saw the fashion magazine and mistakenly thought that Xu Yao had a girlfriend. Yao was by Yu Jiaen's side, and insisted on talking to Xu Yao, but Yu Jiaen didn't want to, but Xu Yao grabbed the phone and called Wang Ma kindly. Yu Jiaen's mother has treated him very well all these years, so she always called him that. Xu Yao explained to Wang Ma that he was single and that the magazine was scribbled, but Wang Ma got mad at him.

When it came time for the filming day of the Fanxing commercial, Yu Jiaen got up early to get ready, but when she arrived at the scene, the actor didn't show up, and her agent couldn't contact her. Yu Jiaen personally went to the actor's home to pick her up, but the actor was broken up, and she was in a bad mood, no matter how much she persuaded her, she would not go to work. Also dropped the cup, and Yu Jiaen scratched her hand in order to protect her face. In the end, Yu Jiaen decided to do it by herself. They only had one day's filming funds, and all the staff members couldn't come in vain. Only her doing it was the most convenient way, but Xu Yao didn't want to, but there was no better way, so he had to compromise.


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