After Li Nianhuan left Beijing, the family suddenly became deserted, and there was no hot food to eat even when he got up early. Zhang Qing missed Li Nianhuan very much. Yu Jiaen said that as long as the leader needed it, he could learn it. Zhang Qing could clearly feel that Yu Jiaen had changed. Emotional intelligence is on the rise.

Li Yan took an early flight to Beijing to see Zhang Qing. It happened that Yu Jiaen opened the door. Yu Jiaen heard what Li Yan meant. He came to find Zhang Qing for reconciliation. After finding Li Yan's WeChat in the group, she suddenly realized that Li Yan was Zhang Qing's boyfriend, and the two probably didn't disclose this matter because of their partnership.

Zhang Qing and Li Yan have different values. Li Yan hopes that Zhang Qing can resign and go to Shanghai to develop. In Shanghai, Li Yan has already bought a house with his family. In the future, he will pay the mortgage. Zhang Qing does not need to worry about it, but Zhang Qing does not want to do this. As long as she makes a sacrifice once, it means that she will make concessions in the future, and once she gets married, she needs to be responsible to more people. She doesn't want to do this, because her original family has caused her enough troubles. In the end, the two broke up unhappy, and Li Yan felt that Zhang Qing was a hardworking and snobbish person.

Zhao Ang finally blocked Yu Jiaen, he wanted to know about Li Nianhuan's situation, Yu Jiaen invited Zhao Ang to drink coffee, and then told him what he really wanted. Zhao Ang was very sad and felt that he had been deceived, and he couldn't accept this fact for a while. Under Su Yi's repeated request, Xu Yao went to shoot a fashion magazine. Su Yi told Xu Yao that the magazine had found it on his own initiative. In fact, she saw the magazine editor's circle of friends and volunteered to sign up. At the shooting scene, everyone thought that Su Yi and Xu Yao were a couple, and that Su Yi had a good eye for men.

Zhang Qing didn't go home at night. According to her habit of self-mediation when she collapsed, she found a high-end hotel within her consumption range, enjoyed room service, and then took a bath and drank to release her emotions. The project of Fanxing Company, which Yu Jiaen is in charge of, is about to bid. Yu Jiaen overheard that the core idea of ​​the competing company’s plan collided with theirs. The bidding will start immediately, and Yu Jiaen has no time to modify it. It just so happens that the bidding company agrees with her They talked about the plan first, so when Yu Jiaen was talking about the plan, Xu Yao and the others were obviously not very interested, but Yu Jiaen was very smart, and she got along with a backup plan right now, but because of this incident, she offended her colleagues in the same group , because everyone has been busy cooperating with her for a long time, and in the end she decided to use her own plan without the team's knowledge. Later, Yu Jiaen's alternative plan won the bid, and Zhang Qing also found out through his own relationship that there was a reason for Yu Jiaen's temporary change of plan. Zhang Qing talked to Lin Li alone, told her the real situation, and told Lin Li from the side Li, I hope she will not be emotional. After so many years of training, she already has the ability to be a leader. Zhang Qing hopes that she can be bigger.

When the magazine was published, Xu Yao realized that it was not about their entrepreneurial stories at all. The theme of this magazine was to report on those entrepreneurial couples. Being famous is also a good thing. Yu Jiaen was a little jealous when she saw the magazine.


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