Li Nianhuan had decided to divorce Xu Wensong, and then confessed to Zhao Ang that she was married and pregnant but decided to divorce. Yu Jiaen supported Li Nianhuan to leave Xu Wensong, but this did not mean that she recognized Zhao Ang as a good person. Xu Yao was admitted to the hospital because of stomach bleeding caused by drinking. The next day, Hao Chenshi visited him in the hospital, took a photo while lying on the hospital bed, pretended that he was sick and sent a message to Moments, his purpose was to test Zhang Qing.

Zhang Qing and some people were in a meeting. Yu Jiaen just found out that they had used their own plan for Koda’s home appliances and successfully won the bid. Yu Jiaen was very wronged. She was laid off by the company because of this incident, and her team was also affected. Zhang Qing didn't expect Yu Jiaen's reaction to be so strong. She told Yu Jiaen not to get entangled in this matter, and she forgot to tell her about it, and she sincerely apologized.

In addition, when Zhang Qing arranged for Yu Jiaen to visit Hao Chen in the hospital, it was only from the perspective of Party B caring about Party A. After Yu Jiaen bought flowers and fruits and went to the hospital, she found that Xu Yao was lying on the hospital bed.

Now that everyone is here, Xu Yao is also the boss of Party A, Yu Jiaen still sits down and peels apples for him, Xu Yao stares at her intently, she is still the same, she peels apples with all her strength, just to prevent the apples from breaking . Xu Yao also felt that Yu Jiaen's hostility towards him was much less, Yu Jiaen didn't say anything, Xu Yao smiled very cheaply. Yu Jiaen peeled the apple and was ready to go back to the company. Xu Yao received a call from Xu Wensong. Xu Wensong came to Beijing and personally picked Li Nianhuan back to Chengdu.

Yu Jiaen got the news and was worried about Li Nianhuan, so the two went home to check the situation together. At this time, Li Nianhuan was dressing up carefully, and she was going to have a showdown with Zhao Ang. After Li Nianhuan learned about Xu Wensong's coming to Beijing, she was very sad. She sat at home and didn't know what to do. On the other side, Zhao Ang kept calling, but Li Nianhuan didn't dare to answer.

Xu Wensong was downstairs at Yu Jiaen's house and saw Yu Jiaen and Xu Yao who had rushed over. He asked Xu Yao to take good care of Yu Jiaen and not always destroy other people's relationship between husband and wife. Xu Yao thinks that Li Nianhuan is not the kind of person who disregards the overall situation. Since she ran away from home, there must be something that made her sad. Even if Li Nianhuan and Yu Jiaen didn't say anything, Xu Yao guessed that Xu Wensong had cheated. It's very kind to endure not beating him, how could he be willing to take care of Yu Jiaen.

Xu Wensong knocked on the door frantically, Yu Jiaen and Xu Yao tried their best to stop him, Li Nianhuan was sitting at home, and suddenly felt the child in her belly kicked herself three times, just like the knock on the door outside, she opened the door and decided to go back to Chengdu with Xu Wensong , because she is a mother, she does not want her child to be born without a father and without a home. Both Xu Yao and Yu Jiaen could understand her feelings, so they helped her pack her luggage and sent her to the airport.

Li Nianhuan was unhappy along the way, and Xu Yao saw it. When he arrived at the airport, Xu Yao asked Li Nianhuan seriously again if he really wanted to continue living with Xu Wensong. He didn't want Li Nianhuan to compromise for the sake of the child. After the child was born, he was the uncle , can help her raise, he hoped that Li Nianhuan could be truly happy, Li Nianhuan still decided to return to Chengdu.

Back home in Chengdu, Li Nianhuan took out the lyrics she had written and couldn't help singing them out, but Xu Wensong mocked her, thinking she sang badly, and tore up the lyrics she wrote. Li Nianhuan sat alone on the toilet in the bathroom and was sad. She didn't know if the decision she made was correct. She didn't want to face Xu Wensong again. She was thinking about Zhao Ang, but she touched her stomach and fell into pain again.


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