Yu Jiaen is the marketing manager of Koda Home Appliances. Her company cooperates with the Spectrum marketing team of Party B. This time, Yu Jiaen is not optimistic about the Spectrum marketing proposal. She has a very unpleasant fight with Zhang Qing, the general manager of Spectra. After a lot of "education" in the bathroom, Yu Jiaen felt that he couldn't stand it, so he belittled their plan to nothing. Before the meeting, Yu Jiaen's colleagues reminded her that Zhang Qing is known as the queen of proposals in the industry and is friends with many CEOs of Party A, so she asked her to save Zhang Qing some face. in the eyes.

Koda's home appliances were sold to Shanghai Jianning Group, and the company chose to lay off Yu Jiaen's entire department. Yu Jiaen felt that this was unfair, so she went to the boss to argue and recorded the audio. The reason for laying off the entire department is that the company needs to recruit new people to facilitate future management. Yu Jiaen hopes that the company can compensate the laid-off employees, otherwise she will go to labor arbitration.

Yu Jiaen was laid off on her birthday, which also affected the entire group of colleagues. She wanted to send a message in the work group to invite everyone to dinner, but found that everyone left the group at the same time. In the end, she was the only one left in the group.

Xu Yao is Yu Jiaen's ex-boyfriend. When the two failed to start a business, Xu Yao was burdened with huge debts. He didn't want to drag Yu Jiaen down. He suddenly disappeared a week before the wedding, and he hadn't returned to his hometown Chengdu for three years. Now his partner Su Yi helped bring in the investment, the angel round was 8 million, and Xu Yao was finally able to pay off his debts. He decided to go back to his hometown. He was very grateful for Su Yi's help, but Su Yi didn't tell Xu Yao that the investment was his own. Her father Su Xianshan invested, and she was worried that Xu Yao would feel uncomfortable.

Yu Jiaen also returned to her hometown in Chengdu after losing her job. Her best friend Li Nianhuan picked her up at the airport. Li Nianhuan is Xu Yao’s cousin. At the beginning, Li Nianhuan introduced Yu Jiaen to Xu Yao. Now it’s like this. Li Nianhuan only recognizes her girlfriends but not her cousin. elder brother. Li Nianhuan was pregnant, and her husband Xu Wensong rewarded her with 100,000 yuan, but Yu Jiaen didn't like Xu Wensong very much. She hoped that Li Nianhuan would not be brainwashed by Xu Wensong. The relationship between the girlfriends broke down, so they seldom discussed Xu Wensong, as long as he was mentioned, the two would definitely quarrel.

Xu Yao went home and had dinner with his father. His father was looking forward to his return, but he didn't show it in front of Xu Yao. Li Nianhuan took Yu Jiaen to the class reunion, Xu Yao saw the news in the group and decided to go find them. Yu Jiaen saw that he didn't know what to say, and the two started drinking. After the party, Xu Yao went to the car and took out the bag that Yu Jiaen bought for Yu Jiaen. At that time, Yu Jiaen liked this bag very much, but he had no money back then, so he had to buy a fake bag for her as a birthday present. Now Yu Jiaen three At the age of ten, he was finally able to buy a real bag for Yu Jiaen, but Yu Jiaen would not accept it at all. Her youth for so many years cannot be compensated by a bag.

Xu Yao and his father went to visit his aunt and uncle, and Li Nianhuan happened to be there too. Li Nianhuan regretted introducing Yu Jiaen to Xu Yao. He left a week before the wedding. Back then, Yu Jiaen never disliked him who was poor and poor, but he actually abandoned Yu Jiaen. Li Nianhuan still I hope he can be like a man, even if we are separated, we have to say goodbye.


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