For many years, Ni Weiqiang has lived under Zhang Chunmei's control. This kind of excessive attention that seems to care will only make him feel suffocated. So in Ni Weiqiang's impression, Zhang Chunmei is indeed a good wife, and also a leader, who controls everything about herself and cannot keep each other's self. Zhang Chunmei was eager to know Ni Weiqiang's real appeal and the marital status she wanted to see, but every word she said was like a question, forcing Ni Weiqiang to be out of breath, which brought the topic back to the original point again.

Mrs. Ni couldn't sit still, so she summoned Ni Weimin, Ni Weiqiang, and Ni Weizhen in her own name, vowing to pull Ni Weiqiang, who was not on the right path, back to the right path. Ni Weimin told Wu Erhu about the matter, but he did not expect Wu Erhu to support him strongly, thinking that the old lady should really take action, otherwise something will happen sooner or later if Ni Weiqiang's temper is allowed to mess around.

However, before the family banquet started, it was already stormy. Although Zhang Chunmei and Ni Weiqiang seemed to be talking peacefully, it was actually full of gunpowder. Ni Weiqiang still blamed Zhang Chunmei for being in her life 24 hours a day, but Zhang Chunmei felt that husband and wife should care about each other and should not hold back anything, otherwise they would be no different from strangers.

Ni Weizhen was walking on the street watching the show, feeling unable to calm down for a long time, so she took the initiative to contact Xiao Zhou to make a public opinion report, even if it was the last episode, she had to start well and end well. Everyone is discussing the matter of "The Thinker", and He Meilian reminds He Zhichao to give up this relationship, and middle-aged women whose careers are declining are not worthy of liking.

The whole family came back to attend the family banquet. Mrs. Ni brought up the divorce of Zhang Chunmei and his wife again at the dinner table. Ni Weimin expressed his irresponsible views on his younger brother. Unreliable, that's why she didn't dare to get married.

In addition, Wu Erhu admitted that Zhang Chunmei sometimes puts a lot of pressure on people, but this is not the only reason for divorce, so he still fights for Zhang Chunmei. In short, in the end, Zhang Chunmei had to stand up and clean up the mess, saying that they had finished marriage counseling, hoping to calm each other down and make a decision after returning from a business trip.

The family dinner was still not pleasant. Ni Weizhen told her mother about her resignation and had no idea about getting married. Fortunately, Mrs. Ni respected her daughter's choice very much. Zhang Chunmei called her son to explain some things. Ni Sinan noticed Zhang Chunmei's strangeness and couldn't help but care about her parents' situation. Ni Weiqiang's condition became serious again. He tried to self-harm several times but stopped in time. He swallowed a lot of pills and sat in a corner crying bitterly.

Liu Hongyan accidentally learned that her mother-in-law had discussed with her mother about selling the old house, and each gave half of the money to buy a new house for the young couple. She was furious for this and scolded Wu Erhu in the bedroom for her arbitrariness. Seeing that the mother-in-law and daughter-in-law were about to tear each other head-on, the Ni family father and son tried their best to stop them and prevent the conflict from escalating.

Ni Weiqiang took advantage of the time when Zhang Chunmei was on a business trip and his elder brother Ni Weimin was going through the retirement procedures, so he sent his mother directly to a senior nursing home. The elder brother Ni Weimin had a quarrel with Ni Weiqiang, and felt incredible about his actions, so he left home and went straight to the nursing home, and finally got the nurse to agree to see his mother.

In fact, the reason why Ni Weimin handled the internal retirement in advance was to take good care of his mother. But the problem is that Ni Weimin's family conditions are too poor, and the living environment is so small that the couple have to sleep on bunk beds. Mrs. Ni knows that the eldest son is the hero of the family. Continue to be a burden.

Because of Mrs. Ni's stubborn temper, Ni Weimin really couldn't persuade his mother to go home, so he had no choice but to call Zhang Chunmei to explain the situation. Zhang Chunmei also opposed her mother-in-law living in a nursing home. As soon as she received the news, she immediately ended her business trip and booked a plane ticket to rush back.


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