Mrs. Ni cried and complained that her son was restless. What a happy day she must make the whole family restless, but Ni Weiqiang didn't feel that he was at fault. Because of this, old lady Ni became emotional. Zhang Chunmei couldn't bear the mother and son becoming like this, so she rushed out and hugged her mother-in-law to persuade her not to be sad, and would continue to take care of her even if it was a divorce. On the other hand, Ni Weiqiang was pushed out of the house under the protection of Zhang Chunmei, leaning against the door alone, listening to his mother wailing loudly in the room, and couldn't help but burst into tears.

After the show stopped broadcasting, Ni Weizhen felt depressed and took the initiative to contact He Zhichao for a drink together. He Zhichao has been secretly in love with Ni Weizhen for a long time. When he received a call from his sweetheart, he immediately changed his clothes and came out of the house. He proposed to take Ni Weizhen to a food stall. The two talked about various interesting things.

Ni Weizhen mentioned to He Zhichao his ex-boyfriend Du Zhengyang, and said that Du Zhengyang returned from abroad some time ago and wanted to be his financial sponsor. If he wavered at that time, he might be able to save the show. But Ni Weizhen knew that her ex-boyfriend's motives were not pure, and the broken relationship could not come back. When he went abroad to develop, Ni Weizhen waited wholeheartedly for him to return from his studies, and finally received the news that the other party was married abroad.

He Zhichao felt a little distressed about what happened to Ni Weizhen, and at the same time secretly expressed his heart. After eating, Ni Weizhen's bag was snatched by the Speeding Party, and He Zhichao ran at full speed to recover the bag, and the relationship between the two secretly warmed up. At the same time, in order to be able to match Ni Weizhen, Du Zhengyang tried to find a way to contact her with a sponsor, trying to help her save the "Thinker" program.

However, after Ni Weizhen participated in the banquet arranged by Du Zhengyang and the director, she bluntly said that she had decided to lie down, pointing out that the person in charge of the advertiser would not vote for this show. Ni Weizhen got drunk that night, and He Zhichao received a call to personally take her home, but he was worried that she would be alone at home, so he simply stayed and served tea and water, taking good care of her.

Waking up the next morning, Ni Weizhen saw that He Zhichao had cooked the porridge and served the rice diligently. Ni Weizhen suddenly remembered that when he was drunk last night, he seemed to hear He Zhichao's confession. But Ni Weizhen didn't remember what was said after the confession, and He Zhichao didn't bother to remind him.

Zhang Chunmei's family crisis was followed by a career crisis. I thought it was a certainty that I would be rehabilitated after editor Wei retired. Unexpectedly, the headquarters hired a new management team, and the new editor-in-chief Su Jielun who came from a foreign company was airborne.

Su Jielun's new official took office as the top three. During the meeting, he specially called Zhang Chunmei, Xiao Lu and other colleagues to ask them to explain their views on the magazine and prepare to upgrade the magazine in an all-round way. Xiao Lu deliberately emphasized her advantages at the meeting, trying to impress the new leader, while Zhang Chunmei was very indifferent. After all, in terms of seniority, she has worked in the magazine for nearly 30 years and has made great contributions to the magazine.

After the meeting that day, Jay Su called Zhang Chunmei to the office, and wanted to publish a special issue of "mature women" in the magazine, interviewing happy middle-aged women in depth, and felt that Zhang Chunmei was a good example. Because in his opinion, there are very few women in today's era who can have a happy marriage and a proud career at the same time. Zhang Chunmei smiled wryly in her heart while listening to Jay Su's eloquence.

Ni Weimin considers spending time with his mother after he retires. After all, he hasn't spent much time with the elderly after all these years of marriage, so it should be time to be filial. Wu Erhu was immediately unhappy when he heard this, and warned him to think about the house first. Colleagues in the supermarket complained to Wu Erhu about their troubles, and were curious about how Wu Erhu's daughter-in-law was preparing for pregnancy. These words reminded her that she still had an important task.


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