After Liu Hongyan came back from her hometown, she told Ni Jun about her mother's situation, hoping to buy a house as soon as possible and take her over for the elderly. Then Zhang Chunmei called her elder brother, sister-in-law and sister-in-law to organize the last family banquet. Wu Erhu didn't know the meaning of the meal, and mentioned the matter of house division at the dinner table, euphemistically suggesting that Ni Weizhen should move out earlier, after all, she had already moved out. At the age of finding someone to get married, if you continue to occupy the old house, it will be gnawing on the old in the eyes of outsiders.

Ni Weizhen didn't take the blame at all, and directly pointed out Wu Erhu's careful thinking, saying that she could use part of the money to help Ni Jun buy a house. The two disagreed and quarreled, insisting on letting Zhang Chunmei uphold justice, Zhang Chunmei was exhausted physically and mentally, and had no choice but to announce that Ni Weiqiang insisted on divorcing her, and I am afraid that he would not be qualified to be the head of the family in the future.

As soon as this remark came out, the scene exploded in an instant. After hearing this, Mrs. Ni's blood pressure soared, and urged her eldest son Ni Weimin to quickly find Ni Weiqiang and ask him clearly. Wu Erhu didn't forget to tell Ni Weimin to remember to mention the house to his second brother, but Ni Weimin didn't take this advice to heart, and went to the laboratory overnight to find out about the situation.

Hearing Ni Weiqiang's denial of cheating, Ni Weimin really couldn't understand such a good family. The husband has a successful career, the wife is virtuous and capable, and the son has excellent grades. The family of three should be happy and harmonious, so why have they come to this point. However, Ni Weiqiang couldn't agree with Ni Weimin's thoughts. He felt that the current life was too boring, which made him hopeless, and the idea of divorce became stronger and stronger.

On the other hand, Wu Erhu waited at home for a long time, and finally waited until Ni Weimin came back. When he learned that he hadn't mentioned the house to his brother, he was angry and felt aggrieved. For so many years, Ni Weimin, as the eldest brother, has worked hard for the family, but in the end it didn't get any benefit. Wu Erhu even cried and complained. The young couple hid nearby and saw this scene, feeling uncomfortable. Ni Weimin knew that his wife and he hadn't had a good life for a few days, but thinking that the family was in constant trouble, he definitely couldn't continue to add fuel to the fire, so he could only comfort Wu Erhu with nice words, gradually calming her down.

He Meilian noticed that He Zhichao's face was full of happiness recently, and guessed that he was in love, so she couldn't help gossiping about his relationship status. He Zhichao tried to avoid the topic, but in the end, He Meilian caught the key point. He Meilian gave him advice on how to chase girls. When she learned that the girl was most likely a TV host with a good family background and good looks, she felt a little uncertain.

When Ni Weizhen came to the TV station, she was told by the leader that the program had been suspended, and she didn't even have a chance for the last four episodes. No matter how hard she tried, the result was that there was only one episode left. Because of this, Ni Weizhen returned to the production department to cheer up her colleagues, emphasizing the need to select the theme of the last program and strive for a perfect ending, and arranged a place for them to disband the department.

Colleague Liu Qing was surprised when she heard that Zhang Chunmei was going to divorce, so she reminded her from personal experience that if her marriage did not cross the bottom line, she would be able to endure even a huge grievance. It is the reason why she cannot impulsively divorce.

The two women are connected by the same fate, Zhang Chunmei still can't save the marriage, so she can only follow Ni Weiqiang to the Civil Affairs Bureau to handle the divorce. Because the new marriage law stipulates that there must be a 30-day cooling-off period for divorce. If they still want to divorce after 30 days, the Civil Affairs Bureau will issue a divorce certificate.

As a result, the divorce time was postponed again. Ni Weiqiang and Zhang Chunmei went home to visit their mother. When Mrs. Ni learned that the two had just returned from the Civil Affairs Bureau, she scolded her son tearfully for being too irresponsible. She only thought about her own feelings. Don't care about other people's life or death. Ni Weiqiang promised that he would be able to leave the house and give Zhang Chunmei the house. He thought it was a great act of kindness, but he never considered the future life of his mother and son.


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