Mrs. Ni's illness had a great impact on Zhang Chunmei's life, because she was a strong supporter of her marriage, and when she was sober, she could control Ni Weiqiang from making mistakes, and her marriage was still alive. However, this magic spell gradually lost its effectiveness. Ni Weiqiang took the opportunity to "raise trouble". Zhang Chunmei no longer had confidence in the continuation of the marriage relationship. When she faced her son's questioning, she tactfully admitted the fact that she would soon be divorced.

Now the school is gossiping about Ni Weiqiang's sexual affair, causing him mental harm. For this reason, the publishing house made a change in the signature. Ni Weiqiang was in a state of lying down and giving up on his research topic at school, and Zhou Qin was completely disappointed in him with his indifferent and self-destructive attitude.

Ni Weiqiang rarely returned home that night. Mrs. Ni was very happy and had a delicious meal. Zhang Chunmei pretended that nothing happened, cooperated with Ni Weiqiang to greet each other, from life to work progress, tacitly acted as a loving couple in front of her mother.

Uncle Zhao's relatives came to the house to make trouble as usual, insisting on forcing Qingfen to sell the old house, bluntly saying that if Qingfen insisted on keeping the old house, they would drag their families and move in with them. Liu Hongyan couldn't help arguing with her relatives. Qingfen was weak and begged them with tears not to quarrel, saying that the property would be distributed equally to the children.

In the end, the stepbrother decided to give Qingfen 300,000 yuan in exchange for the property rights. Although the conditions are very excessive, Ke Qingfen reluctantly agreed to the other party in order to quell the dispute as soon as possible. Liu Hongyan knows that it is not easy for her mother. She has remarried twice in recent years to support herself, and has never had a good life. So while she feels distressed, she hates her lack of ability, and secretly decides to take her over as soon as possible to enjoy her old age.

Zhang Chunmei thought that by dealing with Zhao Xiaoyun's troubles, she might be able to save the marriage, but Ni Weiqiang responded more violently to her arbitrariness, blaming her for interfering in her life. Ni Weiqiang insisted on a divorce, and Zhang Chunmei was helpless for a while. After so many years of hard work, the love between each other did not become mellow due to the accumulation of time, but turned into a vat of rotten sauce.

Afterwards, He Zhichao called on "The Thinker" program not to stop broadcasting through Weibo Chaohua. Although it didn't have much effect, Ni Weizhen was still very moved. Ni Weizhen took the initiative to invite He Zhichao to dinner to express her gratitude, and unexpectedly learned that he had a birthday tonight, so she celebrated with pizza as a cake, and He Zhichao was pleasantly surprised.

Wu Erhu had been thinking about Mrs. Ni's old house for a long time, and hoped that Ni Weizhen would move out as soon as possible and give the house to Ni Jun, so she consulted with her husband to make a will to distribute the property while Mrs. Ni was still conscious. Ni Weimin immediately objected, saying that he would not do such a rebellious thing. As the eldest son of the family, he should set a good example for his younger siblings.

However, Wu Erhu still didn't give up. The next day, he bought some fruit from the supermarket and sent it to Mrs. Ni. He couldn't help feeling that Zhang Chunmei's house was spacious and bright, and mentioned the matter of real estate distribution in a roundabout way. After all, Mrs. Ni is not an idiot, knowing that if she divides the real estate, she may not even have a place to stay in the future, so she simply finds various excuses to prevaricate, emphasizing that even if the real estate is divided, it will have to wait a hundred years later, and Wu Erhu is so angry that she bought it. The fruit that came was brought home.

Ni Weiqiang wanted a divorce wholeheartedly, so he put his idea on his son Ni Sinan, hoping that Ni Sinan could persuade Zhang Chunmei to agree to the divorce. Ni Sinan was noncommittal on this matter, no matter how Zhang Chunmei and Ni Weiqiang handled this marriage, they were both their parents, and Ni Weiqiang was also surprised and relieved by his son's open-mindedness.

At this moment, Zhang Chunmei was still busy with the affairs of the magazine. When she saw the text message from her son urging divorce, she felt mixed feelings. In the past 30 years, Zhang Chunmei has devoted all her energy to her family, being filial to the elderly, caring for her husband and raising her children, and working to earn money to support the family. It's not that Zhang Chunmei can't live without a divorce, but she knows that everyone is waiting to see a joke. A failed marriage means that years of hard work have been ruined, so she is naturally extremely unwilling.


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