When Ni Weizhen and Mrs. Ni were having dinner, she revealed the secret of her pregnancy to her. She said that she gradually understood the feeling of being a mother after having a child, and she also knew that Mrs. Ni had worked so hard these years. Ni Jun really had no choice but to go home and confess to Wu Erhu that he had problems at work and had been fired by the company. After Wu Erhu knew about it, he reminded him not to tell Ni Weimin. Unexpectedly, Ni Weimin already knew about it.

Wu Erhu boasted that he had no other advantages, except that his ability to bear was beyond ordinary people, and that he was the most discerning, and told Ni Weimin not to hide anything about himself outside. Qingfen knew that time was running out, so she took out the house book and handed it to Ni Jun, hoping that he would accept the house book and promise to take good care of Liu Hongyan, so that if there is any conflict between the mother-in-law and daughter-in-law, they will reconcile it.


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