When Ni Jun and Liu Hongyan dated back then, Wu Erhu did not agree with their relationship. The main reason was that Liu Hongyan was a foreigner, so naturally she didn't meet her criteria for choosing a daughter-in-law. If it wasn't for her pregnancy, she would definitely not let them get a certificate. But now that the lie was exposed, the dream of holding a grandson was instantly shattered, and Wu Erhu was furious. Fortunately, Ni Weimin rescued the young couple in time.

Because the ratings of the program "The Thinker" showed no signs of growth, the director personally talked to Ni Weizhen, saying that the TV station had long wanted to cut this program, and the reason why it can survive until now is all due to its glorious history in the past. But the problem is that the development of the program is limited, and the leaders of the station can't see the prospect of becoming popular. Ni Weizhen still feels that "The Thinker" has been established for five years and has a special audience group. At least it proves that its existence is meaningful. I hope the TV station can face up to this. The value of the program.

Seeing that she was about to get off work, Liu Hongyan really didn't want to go home and face Wu Erhu. She complained that Ni Jun shouldn't have lied about her fake pregnancy. ". At the same time, He Meilian came to live in He Zhichao's home in the metropolis from her hometown, eating too much and doing nothing, she called it to recharge her energy and prepare for the art test, so that she could work hard in the entertainment industry in the future.

After Zhang Chunmei took care of her mother-in-law to sleep, she drove to Ni Weiqiang's laboratory alone, sat by his bed in a daze, and happened to see Zhou Qin washing Ni Weiqiang's clothes. Rumors about Ni Weiqiang and Zhou Qin had already spread in the school, and Zhang Chunmei came here to learn the truth and save her family that was on the verge of being broken.

The young couple returned home in fear, and were shocked to find that Wu Erhu had announced one thing in a friendly manner, that is, as soon as Liu Hongyan became pregnant and gave birth to a child, she promised to buy a house immediately. Ni Jun was overjoyed when he heard the words, and took Liu Hongyan back to the room to make a baby, but Liu Hongyan didn't want to have a baby at such a young age. On the other hand, Ni Weimin knew that Wu Erhu was drawing big cakes for the young couple. As long as they fooled the two into getting pregnant and then crossed the river and demolished the bridge, it would be too late to regret it.

That night, Mrs. Ni took her nightmare as reality and waved a kitchen knife at the door to drive away the "thief". Zhang Chunmei went home to calm her mother-in-law, and washed up in the kitchen alone, full of what Zhou Qin had said if. It turned out that as early as two months ago, Zhao Xiaoyun, a graduate student in the research group, leaked the research results to a friend from the school next door, who happened to be working on a similar scientific research project.

Ni Weiqiang immediately fired Zhao Xiaoyun when he learned about it, but Zhao Xiaoyun retaliated against him and spread rumors that he and Zhou Qin were messing with men and women. Because of this, Ni Weiqiang's selection of Jinjiang scholars was temporarily put on hold, so Zhou Qin guessed that this was the real reason for Ni Weiqiang's irritation. Zhang Chunmei knew the ins and outs of the matter, and took the initiative to contact Zhao Xiaoyun to meet.

The last time Ni Weizhen encountered a scumbag ex-boyfriend, fortunately He Zhichao, who worked part-time as a waiter in a coffee shop, came forward to rescue him. After many days, Ni Weizhen was still worried about the imminent cancellation of the show, and came to the coffee shop to chat with He Zhichao again, and unexpectedly found that he was actually a loyal fan of the show "The Thinker". He Zhichao's words made Ni Weizhen feel a little comforted, realizing that her show still affected some people, and because of this, she had a little more affection for He Zhichao, and the two added WeChat friends to each other.

At the beginning of the couple's pregnancy preparations, Liu Hongyan received a call and learned that her stepfather was in the hospital and that the hospital had issued a critical illness notice. Wu Erhu knew about this, so he complained to his son that he did not agree to their marriage at the beginning. The fundamental reason was that Liu Hongyan's family situation was complicated. After all, his stepfather Zhao Shu and Liu Hongyan's mother Qingfen reorganized their families, and there would definitely be children after their death. Fighting for family property, troubles continue one after another, Qingfen is unaccompanied and must seek refuge with her daughter.

Just as Wu Erhu expected, not long after Zhao Shu's death, his children came to the house one after another, and the distribution of the inheritance was pending. Even the stepbrothers of Zhao Shu's family were eyeing the house, revealing in words that they wanted Qingfen to move out. Qingfen naturally wanted to calm things down, but Liu Hongyan had a big fight with her stepbrothers, worrying about her mother's pension.

He Zhichao fell in love with Ni Weizhen at first sight, and took her handkerchief home as a treasure, but He Meilian tore the rag on the spot. He Meilian realized that He Zhichao was hiding things in her heart, relying on her aunt's seniority to ask about the situation, He Zhichao received a call from her mother, telling He Zhichao to take good care of He Meilian during this time, and go all out to support her in pursuing her dream of acting.


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