Liu Hongyan didn't return all night, and anyone with a discerning eye could see that the young couple had quarreled, which made the atmosphere at home extremely gloomy. Wu Erhu was still angry with his son, and couldn't help complaining to Ni Weimin. After hearing this, Ni Jun stated that he would never be a white-eyed wolf, and he had listened to her words, and went straight to work after speaking.

However, Ni Weimin felt that Wu Erhu provoked the incident and forced his son to choose between the two, which would only lead to divorce between the young couple. Wu Erhu didn't realize his mistake at all, and quarreled with Ni Weimin on the spot. In the end, the two broke up, and Ni Weimin was kicked out of the house by Wu Erhu.

Ni Weimin really had no choice but to buy minced meat and go to his mother's house to make dumplings. Mrs. Ni was very happy and offered to show them off. While Mrs. Ni was busy in the kitchen, Ni Weiqiang gave the bank card 50,000 yuan to the eldest brother, hoping to let him improve his life so that he would not have to work hard on the road every day.

But Ni Weimin euphemistically evaded the money, but Ni Weiqiang did not force it. Anyway, the bank card password is the eldest brother's birthday, and he will come to get it when he needs it. Ni Weimin hesitated for a long time and still asked the doubts in his heart. He couldn't understand why Ni Weiqiang chose to divorce in the first place. Ni Weiqiang's expression changed when he heard the words, and he sighed for a long time and refused to mention this matter.

Su Jielun entrusted Liu Qing to invite Zhang Chunmei out for dinner, Zhang Chunmei felt a little concerned, and complained that Liu Qing should not be such a good person. But Jay Su's banquet was not a grand feast, but a sincere invitation to Zhang Chunmei to continue writing a column for the magazine, and she also presented the award notification letter for her "Golden Wedding" manuscript, but Zhang Chunmei still refused, saying that she had found a new career direction.

Mrs. Ni finished making dumplings happily, and while both brothers were at home, and she was not yet completely confused, she proposed to use her mobile phone to record a video to make a will. Because Mrs. Ni's husband left early and didn't leave much money, and only one house can be sold for several million, Mrs. Ni decided to give 2.5 million to Ni Weimin's family, and Zhang Chunmei and Ni Weizhen each had 1 million. .

Considering that Ni Weiqiang's conditions are relatively good, Mrs. Ni gave him 500,000 yuan, and handed over the rest of her money to Zhang Chunmei for safekeeping. After recording the video, Mrs. Ni found out that she had forgotten to put meat in the dumplings. Seeing this, Ni Weimin and Ni Weiqiang quickly responded that the dumplings were delicious and appeased the old lady's frustration.

Liu Hongyan packed her things in a complicated mood and was about to go out. She happened to meet her mother-in-law Wu Erhu. Although Wu Erhu felt that she seemed to have done something wrong, her self-esteem could not make her admit it. Sensing the conflict between Liu Hongyan and Ni Jun, Qingfen visits Wu Erhu again with a gift, but Wu Erhu is outspoken, and directly sends out to Qingfen, expressing his great dissatisfaction. Qingfen was a little sad. When she came home and saw Ni Jun wandering downstairs, she expressed that she did not want their relationship to be affected by this incident.

Ni Weiqiang accompanied his mother to sing on the balcony. Unexpectedly, Mrs. Ni suffered from amnesia again and almost regarded him as her dead husband. Ni Weizhen invited her two elder brothers out for dinner on her father's birthday. The three brothers and sisters recalled bitterness and thought sweetness, and were infinitely sad. Then Ni Weizhen revealed her pregnancy, ensured that the child did not come from a wrong way, and announced her husband's identity.

Because of this, Ni Weiqiang and Ni Weimin contacted He Zhichao through Ni Sinan, and the two brothers sent text messages to "order" He Zhichao to be responsible for Ni Weizhen and promise to love and cherish him forever. He Zhichao was very happy about this, feeling that his identity had been recognized, he went home and hugged Ni Weizhen in various ways, because he was finally able to face his wife's family as a husband and no longer had to continue living a life of hidden marriage.


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