Zhang Chunmei asked Ni Weiqiang about his future plans. Since he wanted to return to his original life, would he also return to his original job? After all, this scientific research project was his painstaking effort, so it was a pity to give up suddenly. Ni Weiqiang did not respond directly, but talked about his experience of traveling in no man's land in Tibet. He thought his life was a spark that turned into a raging fire, and then the fire was extinguished, and the ashes flew into smoke, until he saw the stars and the round and big moon. , I suddenly realized that I was never alone, I was always taken care of, but I seldom took care of them.

So through this matter, Ni Weiqiang felt that if the project was gone, there would still be someone else to replace him, but what he had neglected in the first half of his life should be found now, so as not to become a regret. For Ni Weiqiang, work is not the main thing. Now he just wants to take good care of his mother, take care of his family, and maybe even take good care of Zhang Chunmei.

Although Zhang Chunmei did not express her opinion on this, she has acquiesced and even supported Ni Weiqiang's point of view. She used to always think that making money to support the family can make the family happy, but she did not know that companionship is the most important thing. After breakfast, Ni Weiqiang took Granny Ni out to feed the pigeons. The mother and son got along very warmly and happily.

Liu Hongyan came to the house in person, in the name of visiting Ni Weizhen, but actually sold her the insurance she was selling. After Ni Weizhen knew about it, she was very supportive, so she wanted to buy insurance for her unborn child, so Liu Hongyan opened two orders in just one month, and the performance was very good.

Mrs. Ni clamored to eat noodles with fried sauce, but Ni Weiqiang was a little at a loss when she saw her son making light noodles and suddenly lost her appetite. Later, when the mother and son talked, Mrs. Ni complained that Ni Weiqiang had been in Tibet for so long and never thought about his family, but she was relieved that he was back now, because there was no way to force the two to remarry, and she simply treated Zhang Chunmei as her own daughter.

Since He Zhichao concealed his IELTS score and did not apply for the school, Ni Weizhen personally contacted Professor Lu to inquire about how to apply for the school for his future, and learned that the time for studying abroad would be at least two years. He Zhichao was furious at Ni Weizhen and He Meilian, saying that he had clearly made a choice, so why did two women make their own claims.

Ni Weimin has too many things hidden in his heart, most of which revolve around his family members. He has no way to confide in them directly, so he has to find friends to drink away his worries. On the other side, Ni Weiqiang saw a stranger wearing clothes that looked like his own in the community. After asking, he was sure that it was the lost one, so he explained clearly and asked for it back.

When walking home, Ni Weiqiang and Zhang Chunmei met head-on. Zhang Chunmei was also a little embarrassed when she saw the clothes, and said that she was more excited when she divorced, so she did this kind of thing. Ni Weiqiang can understand Zhang Chunmei's feelings very well, and he doesn't mean to blame at all. Even though the two have cleared up their previous suspicions, they still can't get rid of this "bewildered" feeling.

After a period of busy work, Zhang Chunmei agreed with Ni Weiqiang to live at home for convenience. After Ni Weizhen signed a contract with the future company, she devoted herself to her new job. Wang Yi also recruited in the market according to her requirements and reorganized the team in order to carry out the project better in the future.

Wu Erhu made breakfast for the whole family. Seeing her husband and Ni Jun and his wife busy with work every day, it was inevitable that she felt distressed. She also supported Liu Hongyan to continue selling insurance. Because Liu Hongyan's performance is very good, this month's bonus is as high as 50,000, which finally improves the living conditions at home.

Liu Hongyan took the opportunity to say that her mother would come to live with her for two days, and planned to rent her a small hotel near her home, but both Wu Erhu and Ni Weimin suggested that Qingfen should be taken home to live. Originally, Ni Weimin and his son’s idea was to let Liu Hongyan and Qingfen live in the same room, so that the mother and daughter could have a heart-to-heart talk. Wu Erhu thought that his mother-in-law should live with him. In short, the whole family finally reached a consensus that they should treat Liu Hongyan well. Mother.

Mrs. Ni is very happy under the care of Ni Weiqiang. Ni Weiqiang also knows that Zhang Chunmei has paid too much for her mother. Although Zhang Chunmei can easily feed her mother with medicine and food, he knows that it will take patience and hard work during this period. Thinking about it this way, I feel sorry for his ex-wife .


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