Mother He likes this girl Xinran very much, and also wants her to spend more time with He Zhichao, which invisibly puts pressure on He Zhichao. Xinran felt that He Zhichao should find an opportunity to explain clearly to his mother, maybe He's mother should understand, but that night He Zhichao heard the conversation between He's mother and He Meilian at the bedroom door, and heard that his mother wanted to make a will to prevent problems before they happened, and felt very uncomfortable.

The next day, Liu Hongyan went to take the exam by car, but unexpectedly encountered a traffic jam on the way. Just when she was in a state of anxiety, Ni Jun drove her to the exam room. After finishing the exam, Liu Hongyan refused to go out to eat with Ni Jun, but went to see Zuo Yun in person, and confirmed the fact that she had cancer through her.

Zuo Yun pretended to have hypoglycemia to dismiss Liu Hongyan, and sat on a high place to jump off the building when he was unaware, feeling quite agitated. Liu Hongyan took the initiative to tell her own story, in order to persuade Zuo Yun not to think about it, otherwise it would be very painful to leave the child alone in the world, and encouraged her to become a good mother. Sure enough, Zuo Yun was a little moved when he heard it, and wept loudly on the spot, giving up the idea of suicide.

When Liu Hongyan came home that night, she found that Ni Jun was still sulking, so she patiently coaxed him to be happy, apologized for what happened during the day, and mentioned Zuo Yun by the way, expressing that if she didn't go there today, she might lose her life. Ni Jun calmed down, and listened to Liu Hongyan's story, and the two returned to their sweet love.

Through a friend's introduction, Ni Weizhen personally went to the Future Media Company for an interview. Although she used to be a TV producer, she lacked network experience. But Ni Weizhen was not afraid at all, and proposed to Mr. Chen to sign a gambling agreement in order to return to the workplace, promising to create two popular shows within five years. Mr. Chen asked Ni Weizhen to shorten the time to three years. In the end, Ni Weizhen reluctantly agreed and asked for a salary increase of 100 20/20.

Soon Liu Hongyan passed the insurance qualification examination, and the colleagues in the company decided to celebrate her with dinner tonight. It happened that Ni Jun came to the company to pick up Liu Hongyan and went with her. In order to save face for himself, Ni Jun lied that he was working in an office, saying that he was doing some small business on weekdays. Although Liu Hongyan knew that her husband was lying, she did not expose it on the spot.

When Ni Jun was having dinner with everyone, he saw his father Ni Weimin delivering food, but he was not moved at all, and was even a little ashamed. He simply pretended not to know him and didn't go directly to say hello. On the way back, Ni Jun recalled what he had done just now, and felt a little remorseful, and Ni Weimin was also very sad.

Wu Erhu was very angry when he heard that his son disliked his father's delivery of food. Even a dog would not dislike his family's poverty. As a son, he still felt that his father's delivery of food was a shameful thing. On the other hand, Liu Hongyan encourages her husband to leave the game, learn more about the system, and share some pressure for the family in the future.

However, Ni Jun was even more incompetent and furious when he heard these words, thinking that his wife complained that he was worthless, and married him in the first place because of the local household registration. Feeling incredible, Liu Hongyan quarreled with Ni Jun and broke up unhappy. That night Ni Jun sat outside alone in a daze, and he didn't go back until midnight and found Liu Hongyan sitting on the stairs in the corridor.

After careful consideration, Liu Hongyan apologized to Ni Jun for what happened just now, knowing that what she said hurt his self-esteem. In order to calm Wu Erhu's anger, the young couple bought some food and good wine to take home. Ni Junfa sincerely apologized to his parents, and Ni Weimin said that the child has a good attitude of correcting when he makes mistakes.

Fortunately, Mother He's inspection report was fine. While He Meilian breathed a sigh of relief, she was also worried that her sister would find out that He Zhichao was married. After much deliberation, He Meilian decided to suspend the art exam this year and take He's mother to travel around the world. When they come back, Ni Weizhen will have given birth to a child. By then, the raw rice will be cooked and cooked, so there is no need to be afraid of her elder sister's objection. He Zhichao saw that his IELTS score was very poor, so he persuaded He Meilian to pursue her ideal no matter what, and not to delay her studies because of him.


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