In a short period of time, Ni Weiqiang seemed to be a different person, his face was unshaven, his mental state was sluggish, his eyes did not fluctuate when he looked at his wife, like a pool of stagnant water, he calmly proposed the word divorce. Zhang Chunmei was shocked for a long time when she heard the words, and she tried her best to control her emotions and wanted to understand the reason why her husband wanted a divorce. Unfortunately, Ni Weiqiang didn't respond positively, but just begged her to let her go and let herself be relieved in this marriage.

Just as the husband and wife had a fierce quarrel, bad news came through a phone call, and Mrs. Ni took medicine by mistake and was sent to the hospital. The matter was urgent, and Zhang Chunmei forced herself to deal with her emotions. Before she was looking for her husband, she entrusted Ni Weizhen to take care of her mother-in-law, but Ni Weizhen was busy with work as a producer, so she was obviously negligent in the process of taking care of her mother-in-law.

On the way to the hospital, Zhang Chunmei and Ni Weiqiang complained to each other, and at the same time reached an agreement to conceal the divorce, so as not to cause an uproar. Fortunately, Mrs. Ni was rescued in time, and her life was not in danger. The doctor preliminarily determined that it was no accident that Mrs. Ni took the wrong medicine, and it was very likely that it was a precursor to Alzheimer's disease.

As soon as the news came out, the tension in the three families was immediately affected. Zhang Chunmei wanted to take good care of her mother-in-law and postpone the divorce, but Ni Weiqiang was determined to get a divorce, so she directly discussed with her elder brother to take her mother to live with him for a few days. After learning about it, Wu Erhu warned Ni Weimin not to try to do everything. After all, their family has the smallest house area and the worst economic conditions among their brothers and sisters. Ni Weimin responded perfunctorily to his wife, and had other plans in mind, but in fact he wanted to take this opportunity to be filial.

Because of his mother's sudden illness, Ni Weiqiang became more irritable and returned home to lie on the sofa in the living room. In the middle of the night, Zhang Chunmei came to cover Ni Weiqiang with a blanket, but unexpectedly touched Ni Weiqiang's nilin. Hearing him yelling madly, he slammed the door and went back to the room, leaving Zhang Chunmei standing alone in the living room feeling sad.

Early the next morning, Ni Weiqiang took the initiative to make breakfast for Zhang Chunmei and apologized for what happened last night. Zhang Chunmei thought that her husband had changed his mind, so she prepared to discuss her mother-in-law's illness. Unexpectedly, Ni Weiqiang mentioned divorce again, saying that after careful consideration, she hoped that Zhang Chunmei would agree.

But when Zhang Chunmei asked about the reason for the divorce, Ni Weiqiang refused to disclose it, but thought that such a marriage was meaningless, and every minute and every second with Zhang Chunmei would feel suffocated. On the other hand, Ni Weizhen was annoyed and blamed herself for not taking good care of her mother, but encountered troubles at work, because the program she was in charge of was an old-fashioned program in the station, which seemed to be somewhat high-brow, and its market performance gradually lagged behind that of the young team.

Not long after, Mrs. Ni was diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease, commonly known as Alzheimer's disease. Even though Zhang Chunmei was heartbroken by her husband, she still wanted to take good care of her mother-in-law and take on the responsibility of being a daughter-in-law. In order to prevent Mrs. Ni from thinking wildly, everyone concealed her illness in a unified way.

Zhang Chunmei feels that Ni Weiqiang's sudden rebellion may be similar to the El Niño phenomenon, which contains many reasons, such as dissatisfaction with the past life, serious doubts about himself, and doubts about the meaning of life. Just as Zhang Chunmei was racking her brains to find excuses for Ni Weiqiang, she was enlightened by her colleague's experience.

The colleague and her husband have been married for 18 years. They also work hard and take care of their parents-in-law to manage the house. In the end, they lost to the young and beautiful mistress, and personally caught her husband fooling around with the mistress. Unable to accept emotional betrayal, her colleague resolutely chose to divorce. She envied Zhang Chunmei's marriage very much, just like the magazine's name "Happy Life", but only Zhang Chunmei knew the bitterness in it.

Ni Weizhen met with an important client in a coffee shop to discuss matters, and found that the client was actually an ex-boyfriend. The ex-boyfriend broke up with him and broke up with him. Now that they are divorced, they are still thinking about Ni Weizhen, hoping to restore their relationship. Listening to the other party's shameless words, Ni Weizhen's mood became extremely bad, but she tried to maintain calm. Wu Erhu was looking forward to the day when she would have grandchildren in the future, but Liu Hongyan always found all kinds of reasons to shirk the inspection. Over time, the false pregnancy was completely routed. Wu Erhu changed her attitude in an instant and urgently called the whole family for a meeting.


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