In order to save his son's marriage happiness, Wu Erhu immediately ran to Liu Hongyan's company and asked to see his superiors by name. Miao Li personally came forward to appease Wu Erhu's excitement. Wu Erhu believed that the company must not violate the labor law, must abide by the eight-hour work system, knows how to sympathize with employees to reduce overtime, and must not affect the harmony of socialist families because of work.

Originally, Miao Li couldn't understand Liu Hongyan, but Wu Erhu's behavior today was exactly what he wanted. Then the company spread the news, and Miao Li deliberately took advantage of the topic and went to find Liu Hongyan alone, saying that since her mother-in-law was so worried, it meant that Liu Hongyan's situation was not suitable for her to work, and she suggested that she submit a resignation application by herself.

Old Madam Ni didn't like Aunt Li taking too much control at home, making all kinds of troubles and making troubles, she just wanted to distract Aunt Li and go out to enjoy the sun alone. Aunt Li had nothing to do with Mrs. Ni's stubborn temper, so she had to go out with her, but Mrs. Ni immediately lost interest when she found out.

In order to persuade Zhang Chunmei to support Ni Sinan's dream, Ni Weizhen took her to the bar to watch the performance. Sure enough, Zhang Chunmei changed her mind and agreed with Ni Sinan to continue to form a band, and reminded him to stick to it if he made up his mind and not to give up halfway. Ni Sinan was very happy for this, and sincerely expressed her gratitude to her sister-in-law.

Liu Hongyan knew that Wu Erhu had done such a thing behind her and Ni Jun's backs. During this period of time, dissatisfaction with Wu Erhu had welled up in her heart. When she returned home, she denounced the actions of their whole family and the pressure and pain they caused to herself. Not only that, Liu Hongyan cried and said that she would move out, and packed her luggage and rushed out regardless of Ni Jun's stop.

Ni Jun chased the taxi wildly, but still couldn't keep Liu Hongyan, so he could only complain to his mother when he came back. Even Ni Weimin felt that Wu Erhu was meddling in his own business and that young people's lives should not interfere too much. But Wu Erhu still felt aggrieved, thinking that everything he did was for the sake of the family, not to mention that the husband and wife have separated now, as long as they separate, it means divorce. Fortunately, they haven't bought a house yet.

Liu Hongyan, who ran away from home, has nowhere to go, and temporarily lives in Tian Tian's house. Tian Tian patiently enlightened Liu Hongyan, knowing that she had decided to resign, and promised to lead her to do a good job in sales. The next day, Liu Hongyan apologized to Miao Li for Wu Erhu's affairs, and voluntarily submitted a letter of resignation.

Ni Weizhen took Zhang Chunmei back to the old place, and the two chatted about He Zhichao. Zhang Chunmei felt that he was still too young. In short, she supported any choice Ni Weizhen made, and encouraged each other to get rid of the past life and start living a wonderful life again. With the help of Ni Weizhen, Zhang Chunmei selected the venue and successfully solved the current problem.

He Zhichao hesitated a lot to confess the truth to He Meilian, and hoped that He Meilian would be mentally prepared to help him deal with his mother. At the same time, Ni Jun sent messages to Liu Hongyan over and over again, persuading her to come back, or to speak up if she had something to say, and not to keep fighting.

Although Liu Hongyan is still angry, she has softened her heart. She always mentions the Ni family when cooking in the morning. She used to think that marrying a local would save her from wandering around, but she never expected to buy a house on her own. Tian Tian took Liu Hongyan to the insurance company, arranged a job for her, and introduced new customers to bill her.

During this period of time, He Zhichao thought about many things, and found that he was at a loss when he first learned that Ni Weizhen was pregnant, but he was more excited and joyful, so he was willing to take on this responsibility and be a qualified and good father. However, He Meilian's family is the biggest problem. He Zhichao talked to He Meilian in person, talked about the influence of his original family, and was eager to accompany Ni Weizhen hand in hand. fall in love.


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