Ni Weiqiang seemed to have evaporated, and he didn't take the initiative to contact anyone in the family. If it weren't for the scenery photos he often posted in his circle of friends, his family would have already called the police. The eldest brother Ni Weimin felt helpless for this younger brother. Lu Fan changed the meeting time of the brand without authorization. Fortunately, Liu Qing found out and contacted Zhang Chunmei in time. At the critical moment, Zhang Chunmei came to introduce the golden wedding plan, which finally moved the brand to obtain cooperation.

At this time in the hospital, old lady Ni suddenly disappeared, and Ni Sinan hurriedly notified Zhang Chunmei to help her find her. Finally, Zhang Chunmei found old lady Ni in the corridor. It turned out that Mrs. Ni missed her second son, and no one answered her phone calls. Zhang Chunmei comforted Mrs. Ni and promised to help him contact Ni Weiqiang.

Although Liu Hongyan's company directly contacted Zhang Chunmei, Zhang Chunmei was in the hospital with Mrs. Ni and didn't care about the dinner tonight. Lu Fan took this opportunity to make a lot of presence in front of customers, revealing that he was single. He has more time and energy to devote to work than Zhang Chunmei.

Liu Hongyan can see that she is worried about Zhang Chunmei, but she has more important things to do right now, which is to invite Tian Tian to dinner and ask her the secret of acquiring and maintaining insurance customers. Tian Tian takes care of Liu Hongyan very much and is willing to teach her everything she can. She suggested that she focus on the Baoma market. Only after becoming a parent can she understand how expensive it is to raise a child.

Ni Jun came to the hospital to visit grandma in person, and apologized to Zhang Chunmei instead of Wu Erhu. Similarly, Zhang Chunmei knew that her eldest brother's family was not easy, so she took out a bank card and handed it to Ni Jun to buy a house, saying that since it is a family, they must solve the difficulties together. Ni Jun understands the kindness of the second aunt, but he can't rely on the help of the elders in the family, and he will not make any progress, so he decides to postpone the plan to buy a house.

Ni Weizhen and He Zhichao were married for a period of time. The two were both a flash marriage and a hidden marriage. Neither family knew about it, but He Meilian was still destroying it in every possible way. Just as Ni Weizhen was hesitating when to tell her family about the situation, she did not expect that she was pregnant. It happened that Zhang Chunmei was shocked by the fact that she was pregnant when she saw this scene.

Zhang Chunmei reminded Ni Weizhen to think carefully. After all, the matter of having a child can be big or small. Ni Weizhen recalled the details since she met He Zhichao. Although there is no burden to be happy, He Zhichao's life planning has just begun. The matter of He Zhichao's study abroad is pending, and he has not considered the problem long enough, and obviously cannot bear the responsibility of being a father.

Because of this, Ni Weizhen was hesitant about whether to keep the child, so she took the initiative to contact Zhang Chunmei to express her troubles. After all, if she gave up the child at her age, it would be very difficult to get pregnant in the future. Zhang Chunmei believes that Ni Weizhen should tell He Zhichao first no matter what. After all, he is the father of the child and has the right to know.

Zhang Chunmei couldn't contact Ni Weiqiang when she went home, and was completely disappointed with his irresponsible attitude, and threw away each other's old things in a fit of anger. On the other hand, Ni Jun stayed with his grandma in the hospital until he went to work in the company early the next morning. Wu Erhu boiled soup and sent it to the hospital. Zhang Chunmei apologized to Wu Erhu for what happened last time, and thought that Aunt Li had left, and she would be handed over to her as a nanny in the future, and the salary would be paid accordingly.

Wu Erhu was deeply moved, but also realized that he was inexperienced and unable to take good care of the elderly, so he simply introduced Aunt Li to the family. Sure enough, Aunt Li was able to take care of Granny Ni with ease. Ni Weizhen came to the house to chat openly with Zhang Chunmei, curious about her pregnancy process and parenting experience, but also full of anxiety and confusion about the arrival of a new life. Zhang Chunmei still suggested that Ni Weizhen tell He Zhichao, after all, children need the company of their parents after birth, and the lack of fatherly love will be detrimental to the child's physical and mental growth. Ni Weizhen was thoughtful after hearing this.


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