Qingfen, the mother-in-law, sold the house and gave the money to her daughter. She just hoped that the young couple could own a house of their own. However, Wu Erhu believed that Liu Hongyan had a miscarriage, so there was no need to fulfill her previous promise, and she would consider buying a house when she became pregnant again. Ni Weimin and his wife have different views. He is worried that this practice will hurt Liu Yanhong, so the couple have disagreements and conflicts.

During this period of time, He Zhichao often went out early and returned late to find Ni Weizhen. Although the two kept secrets very well, He Meilian still noticed and deliberately changed the meals in the lunch box. Ni Weizhen was somewhat unable to understand the strong opposition from the He family. Anna He was also in love with siblings back then, and because her father was irresponsible, love between siblings was expressly forbidden at home.

Editor-in-chief Wei was about to leave after finishing his retirement, so he bid farewell to Zhang Chunmei alone, and revealed that he was the first to recommend her to take over the position of editor-in-chief. Zhang Chunmei really can't figure out that she has so many years of qualifications, both credit and hard work, and she is no worse than Lu Fan.

However, the company leaders are interested in Lu Fan's success in Internet operations, which shows that Zhang Chunmei is still following the old style of doing things, and has long lagged behind this era. Listening to Editor-in-Chief Wei's analysis, Zhang Chunmei felt very uncomfortable. She tried her best to clean every corner of the company, trying to alleviate her sadness, but finally couldn't help crying.

After Liu Hongyan was discharged from the hospital, she came to work in the company immediately, realizing that she would not be able to have children in the future, so she had to work hard to improve her career. Unexpectedly, Mr. Ge will be transferred away by the headquarters. Before leaving, he chooses Miao Li to take his place, and tells Liu Hongyan to assist Miao Li in his work with all his heart. Liu Hongyan hurriedly explained to Mr. Ge that she would not have children in the next few years and promised to work hard, but it was still useless. The change in Mr. Ge's attitude towards Liu Hongyan was mainly due to the fact that Wu Erhu asked the company for leave every three days for her.

Then Wu Erhu thought that Liu Hongyan should take a good rest now, and after a few months of recuperation, she could continue to prepare for pregnancy, but Liu Hongyan refused. Liu Hongyan asked Ni Jun for money to buy a house, and she broke her heart and explained the pros and cons to him. She felt sorry for her mother who was alone in her hometown with no one to look after her.

As a result, before Liu Hongyan finished speaking, Wu Erhu immediately interrupted, saying that it is not the time to buy a house yet, and she will consider buying a suitable house when she is three or four years old after giving birth. Ni Jun is silent when she hears this . After confirming Wu Erhu's clear meaning, Liu Hongyan stormed out angrily, scolding her husband Ni Jun for being incompetent.

On the other hand, in order to allow the couple to buy a house, Ni Weimin had to go to various stores to find a job, but the job search repeatedly hit the wall. Instead, he saw the deliveryman delivering fast food, and his eyes lit up instantly. That night, Ni Jun complained that Wu Erhu had gone too far in this matter, and Wu Erhu in turn accused Liu Hongyan of all kinds of bad things.

Ni Weizhen came to visit her mother at home and found that her mother's condition was more serious, apparently forgetting her real age. Old lady Ni was a little sad when she learned that she had just passed her seventy-fifth birthday this year. Seeing this, Ni Weizhen took her mother out for a beauty treatment, ate various delicacies with her, and lived a fulfilling and happy day.

Ni Weimin returned home after delivering the food. Hearing Wu Erhu nagging in his ear, he felt exhausted physically and mentally. However, he didn't talk to his family about the food delivery, and he took it all by himself. Originally, today was a family banquet as usual, but only Zhang Chunmei still remembered that the eldest brother, his wife and younger sister Ni Weizhen had long forgotten, and after realizing it, there was no way to come to attend.

He Zhichao came to visit Mrs. Ni at Zhang Chunmei's house after get off work. Ni Weizhen took advantage of the opportunity to introduce He Zhichao's identity to his mother, but Mrs. Ni still regarded him as an outsider. Liu Hongyan didn't want to go home and be urged to marry by her mother-in-law, so she could only sneak into the room, but turned around and saw Wu Erhu, so she bit the bullet and apologized to her for what happened today.


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