With the countdown of the recording program in the studio, Zhang Chunmei appeared in front of the camera as a special guest, and producer Ni Weizhen sat behind the scenes directing the whole process until the show was completely over. Zhang Chunmei's sharp language and unique point of view, a small number of viewers may accept this style, and more people are somewhat dissatisfied, but Zhang Chunmei doesn't care at all, because in the eyes of outsiders, her married life is simply perfect.

Zhang Chunmei, who came from a wealthy family, had excellent grades since she was a child. After graduation, she worked in a magazine and climbed steadily to the position of deputy editor. Her marriage is even more enviable. Her husband, Ni Weiqiang, has a successful career. He is a university professor and doctoral advisor. He is well-known in the industry. Her son has been admitted to a key university with excellent grades, so she devotes all her attention to her family. She takes care of her mother-in-law. Also feel satisfied.

On the other hand, the eldest brother Ni Weimin has a cowardly and docile personality, and his family situation is naturally not as good as that of his younger siblings. His son Ni Jun has a girlfriend, Liu Hongyan, and lied that his girlfriend is pregnant in order to get married smoothly. Wu Erhu believed it to be true. After running around the hospital early in the morning, she went through all kinds of hardships to get registered. At the critical moment, Liu Hongyan was delayed by something and did not come to the pregnancy test.

After Zhang Chunmei participated in the program of her sister-in-law Ni Weizhen, she was going to organize her mother-in-law's birthday banquet in the afternoon. As the backbone of the Ni family, she took care of all the affairs in person, so she naturally enjoyed the feeling of being a patriarch. Ni Weimin and his wife considered the financial situation, so the whole family packed 500 yuan in red envelopes to go to the banquet. They rummaged through the boxes and cabinets to find the only clothes that could be worn out, which were second-hand clothes given to them by Zhang Chunmei.

On the day of the birthday banquet, the younger generations of the family arrived one after another, and the whole family came one after another, except Ni Weiqiang who was absent without reason, and entrusted Zhou Qin to hand over the cake to Ni Weizhen. In order to avoid the misunderstanding of the second sister-in-law, Ni Weizhen lied that the cake was delivered by someone else, and concealed that Ni Weiqiang had contacted her in private, so as to dispel Zhang Chunmei's suspicion.

The food and birthday peaches were already on the table, and everyone was still waiting for Ni Weiqiang, calling Ni Weiqiang's phone in turn, but no one answered. Zhang Chunmei received a call from the principal of the school and heard that Ni Weiqiang suddenly proposed to take a vacation. The specific reason is unknown. As a wife, Zhang Chunmei didn't know about such a big thing happening to the people around her. She felt uncomfortable, but she still pretended to be calm for the sake of face, and lied that the leader asked her husband to go on a business trip because there was no mobile phone signal on the plane.

Mrs. Ni had seen through everything long ago and did not point it out on the spot. The meal was dull, and she basically did her own thing. The careful Wu Erhu noticed the clues and deliberately revealed that he saw Ni Weiqiang in the hospital this morning. Zhang Chunmei calmly took over the conversation and coped with it in a few words.

After the birthday banquet was over, Wu Erhu went home and told her husband about her doubts, but Ni Weimin was so nervous that he didn't take her words to heart at all. Mrs. Ni is very aware of the character of her second son, who is capable and ambitious, and also has a lot of flirts, so she reminds Ni Weizhen to call Zhou Qin to ask about Ni Weiqiang's whereabouts, saying that the two have long since become a teacher-student relationship and often stay together do experiments.

Zhang Chunmei thought back to what the school leader said, and felt more and more that something was wrong, so she drove to Ni Weiqiang's laboratory, only to meet Ni Weizhen at the door. Under Zhang Chunmei's questioning, Ni Weizhen admitted that the second brother entrusted Zhou Qin to deliver the cake, including some inexplicable instructions from the second brother on the phone.

Because of this, Zhang Chunmei dreamed that Ni Weiqiang was rubbing hands with Zhou Qin. Zhou Qin was young and beautiful, with outstanding temperament, and her protruding abdomen scared her to wake up instantly. That night, Zhang Chunmei tossed and turned sleeplessly, and gradually realized that her marriage was in crisis, and her beautiful and peaceful life was finally broken.

The next day, Zhang Chunmei went to work at the magazine as usual, and the position of editor-in-chief was vacant. Originally, she was bound to win based on her qualifications. A colleague kindly reminded Zhang Chunmei to beware of Xiao Lu, saying that when the original editor-in-chief was about to be rehired, he was reported anonymously and eventually applied for retirement to go home.

The magazine office was in a lot of trouble, and Zhang Chunmei was at her wits' end, so she mustered up her energy and continued to track down her husband's whereabouts, searching for clues from the mobile phone he left in the laboratory. The bank sent a text message to withdraw 200,000 yuan. Zhang Chunmei was shocked. She found a motorcycle dealer according to the address, and finally saw a familiar and haggard face.


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